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NTU Hospital and Pfizer Build on Clinical Trial Partnership

NTU Hospital and Pfizer Inc. inked an agreement to cooperate on clinical research for new pharmaceuticals under Pfizer’s INSPIRE (Investigator Networks, Site Partnerships and Infrastructure for Research Excellence) Site Program during a signing ceremony held at the hospital’s National Center of Excellence for Clinical Trial and Research in November. Pfizer is the world’s largest drug research and manufacturing firm, and its decision to team up with NTU Hospital shines a bright light on the hospital’s world-class research capabilities. Pfizer Taiwan invests over NT$100 million in new drug research annually and has brought numerous early-stage clinical trials as well as large-scale clinical trials to Taiwan.

The hospital and drug maker have enjoyed an excellent research cooperation relationship. Since 2009, the NTUH-Pfizer Clinical Research and Development Center has carried out 43 clinical trials on new drugs, demonstrating the high quality of research conducted at NTU Hospital. Now, by deepening the ties between the university and Pfizer through the INSPIRE Site Program, the hospital looks forward to achieving the double benefits of raising research standards for new drugs in Taiwan as well as creating a healthier world for the people of Taiwan.

NTU Hospital Superintendent Ming-fong Chen and Dean of the College of Medicine Pan-chyr Yang joined Pfizer Taiwan Country Manager David Lin and Pfizer Global Leader for Investigator Development and Networks Bridgitte Attwood in signing the agreement at the ceremony, which was also attended by a number of high-level government officials. By combining the strengths of NTU Hospital and Pfizer, the cooperation program is expected to promote the global development of medical treatment and biotechnology and enhance the health of the Taiwanese people.

NTU Hospital boasts the finest talent and research environment in the Asia-Pacific region, and its new medicine clinical trial research capabilities have garnered the affirmation of international pharmaceutical companies. As a result, the hospital has been contracted to carry out a wide range of clinical trials for new drugs and lead numerous international clinical trial research projects. Signing this agreement with the world’s leading new drug research and development company puts Taiwan’s new pharmaceutical research and development efforts more closely on track with the international drug development community and strengthens the nation’s new drug clinical trial research capabilities.

Pfizer leads the world in advancing prevention, treatment and new drug development for the diseases affecting people around the world. It is presently running 87 new drug research projects; among these projects, eleven have already entered the review stage, 19 are conducting clinical trials in Phase III, 30 are in Phase II and 27 are in Phase I. These projects are developing medicines for such diseases as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, inflammation and immunological diseases and central nervous system diseases as well as pain and cancer, and are working to prevent diseases through vaccinations.

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