News & Features

Date Title
2022/11/1 Exploring the Unknown with Materials: Interview with Dr. Li-Chyong Chen
2022/11/1 Superintendent James Chih-Hsin Yang of NTU Cancer Center Receives 2022 Paul A. Bunn Jr. Scientific Award from IASLC
2022/11/1 Meiji U Prof. Ken Suzuki: Law Scholar & Social Activist who Facilitated NTU, Hokkaido U Partnership
2022/11/1 Honoring Bureau Français de Taipei Scholarship Recipients
2022/11/1 Published in Nature: International Collaboration Based on Cross-Sectional STM
2022/11/1 Evolutionary Generation of Phosphor Materials and Their Progress in Future Applications for Light-Emitting Diodes
2022/11/1 Split Westerly Winds over Europe: Breakthrough by Int'l Geoscientists
2022/11/1 Mechanism of Fibronectin-Induced Small GTPase Stability and Promotes Cell Migration
2022/11/1 Immersive Art: A New Reality Happening on Campus
2022/11/1 Open Online Course Project for High School Students
2022/11/1 Our First English Specialization Program on East Asian Regional Politics
2022/11/1 It’s Time to Leave Covid-19 Behind and Start a New Life!
2022/11/1 The First NTUer in Professional Baseball: Yi-Cheng Lan Realizes His Baseball Dream!
2022/11/1 All It Takes Is All You’ve Got: Women’s Tennis Team
2022/11/1 Sugar Production Chimney: A Pillar of Support on Campus
2022/8/30 An Interview with Director of the NTU Press: Paving the Path Toward the Academic Excellence
2022/8/30 Taking Courses into Your Own Hands: Design Your Program
2022/8/30 ORD Vice President Pai-Chi Li Wins IFMBE’s Otto Schmitt Award
2022/8/30 Dean Wen-Chang Chen of College of Engineering to be Awarded an Honorary Doctorate by UGA
2022/8/30 Prof. Katherine A. Kim Honored with Power Electronics Education Award
2022/8/30 NTU x Israel Partners Matchmaking Workshop
2022/8/30 International Students Explore the Potential of the Great South
2022/8/30 Predicting Cancer Metastasis Through 3D Genome Organization
2022/8/30 Yushan Visiting Professor Proposes a Technique to Detect New Ultralight Bosons around a Black Hole with Gravitational Waves
2022/8/30 New Algorithm Developed to Improve Short-Term Weather Forecasting in the UK
2022/8/30 Abandoned Space Renovated into the New Generation Sensory Training Classroom
2022/8/30 NTU Gamelan Gita Lestari Performs at Bali World Culture Celebration
2022/8/30 Theory to Practice: Plant Doctors from NTU Plant Teaching Hospital Have Their Feet Planted Firmly on the Ground
2022/8/30 Ambience Contaminated: An Analysis of the Elusive Characteristics in Contemporary Religions
2022/7/14 NTU Graduating Class of 2022: Striding Into the Open Road
2022/7/14 GIS Taiwan: The Continuation of a Dream
2022/7/14 The Bridge of Knowledge and Friendship – Global Vantage Law and Society Exchange Workshop
2022/7/14 OIA Extends Warm Welcome to Johns Hopkins University Students at NTU
2022/7/14 NTU Reveals the Function of ER Stress-Induced Golgi Retrograde Transports
2022/7/14 Soybeans Combat Marijuana-Induced Cardiovascular Disease
2022/7/14 Co-Shaping the English Future on Campus
2022/7/14 More Than just Having Fun: D-School Develops International Talents
2022/7/14 NTU’s Long-Distance Storage and Transportation Technology Helps with the Export of Atemoya
2022/7/14 NTU Takes Action Towards Meeting Sustainable Development Goals
2022/7/14 Still Together After 20 Years: Meet UPenn Librarian & Professor, Dr. Brian Vivier
2022/7/14 NTU Racing Unveils the Next-Generation Race Car
2022/7/14 NTU ArtFest 2022: Cleaning in Progress – The World Under the Pandemic
2022/7/14 Exhibition Commemorates the Sesquicentennial of George Leslie Mackay’s Arrival in Taiwan
2022/7/14 Small Donations for a Big Vision: A Conversation with Dr. Pei-Cheng Liao, Vice President for Financial Affairs
2022/5/11 Wanjiun Liao, Distinguished Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Breaks through Barriers of Time and Space with Innovations
2022/5/11 NTU International Mentorship Program: Inspiring the Leaders of Tomorrow
2022/5/11 Once an NTU Student, Always an NTU Learner!
2022/5/11 Professor Kuo-Chun Yeh Awarded the 2021-24 EU Jean Monnet Chair
2022/5/11 Engage and Evolve: 2022 NTU Global Partnerships Summit
2022/5/11 Professor Yit-Tsong Chen’s Research on Rapid and Accurate Nanoelectronic Biosensors Published in Nano Today
2022/5/11 NTU Accelerates the Future of Ultrafast Smart Display Communication
2022/5/11 Reconstitute Cellular Asymmetry with Synthetic Localized Proteolysis
2022/5/11 China’s Soft Power Diminished by Maritime Territorial Disputes
2022/5/11 Pioneering the Next Generation of Interdisciplinary Learning
2022/5/11 Time to Lighten up with NTU CBE
2022/5/11 VISION 2022: Discover Your Perfect Match
2022/5/11 NTU Girls Baseball and Softball Takes Flight
2022/5/11 Enjoy Your YouBike 2.0 Ride at the 2022 NTU Azalea Festival
2022/3/11 President Chung-Ming Kuan: Pioneering the Future of NTU
2022/3/11 Inauguration Ceremony of Graduate School of Advanced Technology (GSAT)
2022/3/11 NTU International College: A “World-Class” College
2022/3/11 UTokyo-NTU Joint Conference 2021: Cooperation towards the Post-Corona Era
2022/3/11 Internationally Recognized Breakthrough in Organic Photonic FET Memory
2022/3/11 Propelling New Discoveries: NTU Unveils RBM24’s Role in Cardiac Myofibrillogenesis
2022/3/11 NTU Research Team Builds the Largest Supramolecular Cuboctahedron
2022/3/11 Mechanistic Insights into the Colossal Magnetoresistance Effect for Potential Application in Magnetic Storage Technology
2022/3/11 Hump-shaped Relationship between Aggregation Tendency and Body Size within Fish Populations
2022/3/11 NTU Library and RDMLA Team Launch Chinese Research Data
Management Course
2022/3/11 Caspar Lant: NYU Fulbright Fellow Makes the most of NTU’s Interdisciplinary Resources
2022/3/11 NTU 2021 EMBA Alumni Fundraising Reunion
2022/3/11 Silent but Heard: Celebrating Jing-Nong Tai’s 120th Birthday
2022/3/11 The Unrelenting Spirit of NTU Kendo Varsity Unveiled
2022/3/11 Divine Wind: The Science and Art of Typhoons