Date: 2022/9/21

NTU Sets Up Liaison Office - Chinese Language Program at Indiana University

To implement the Taiwan Huayu BEST Program launched by the Ministry of Education, NTU collaborates with its partner universities to promote Chinese language teaching resources in Taiwan. Executed by NTU’s International College, this program not only provides scholarships, but also encourages students from overseas partner universities to study Chinese in the Chinese Language Division in the Language Center of NTU or The International Chinese Language Program.

NTU has made other endeavors include sending outstanding NTU Chinese teachers and graduate students of the NTU Graduate Program of Teaching Chinese as a Second language to overseas partner universities and setting up the NTU Liaison Office - Chinese Language Program for the promotion of the Huayu program at Indiana University (IU). Serving as the program manager at the Liaison Office located in the Bloomington campus of Indiana University, Victoria Cheng representing NTU assists in Chinese language teaching and training affairs, holding workshops, organizing Chinese courses, seminars and cultural activities, making the collaborative relationship between NTU and IU even stronger.

In the first half of 2022, the NTU Liaison Office, the Department of East Asian Languages ​​and Cultures, and the East Asian Studies Center of Indiana University jointly held the “Taiwan Day” event. The event introduced the diverse culture in Taiwan, enabling teachers and students of IU to learn more about Taiwan. During the summer vacation this year, a series of cultural events were hosted to promote studying Chinese in Taiwan. The event consists of fun and meaningful activities about Taiwan traditional festivals and cultures, attracting more than 30 students to participate.

The Liaison Office has also held several presentations for the Taiwan Huayu BEST Scholarship, publicizing the highlights of NTU’s Chinese language teaching and attracting IU students to study Chinese at NTU for a season or a year. So far, 5 students have already started their journey of learning Chinese at NTU, and the number of students coming to study at NTU is escalating. In the second half of 2022, the Liaison Office will continue to organize more events about Chinese language teaching, including workshops, seminars, and cultural lectures, enhancing bilateral academic communications and deepen the collaborations between NTU and IU.

  • Image 2090_20220921_1

    The admissions briefing session for the Taiwan Huayu BEST Program at IU.

  • Image 2090_20220921_3

    The Taiwan Day event.

  • Image 2090_20220921_4

    The summer cultural event at IU.

  • Image 2090_20220921_5

    NTU President Chung-Ming Kuan (Right) and Program Manager Victoria Cheng (Left) at the Liaison Office - Chinese Language Program at IU.

  • Image 2090_20220921_6

    Executive Vice President Chiapei Chou (Right) and Program Manager Victoria Cheng (Left) at the Liaison Office - Chinese Language Program at IU.

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