Updated: 2021/10/4

University Song

The idea of having a formal University Song was proposed by Professor Kang-Po Shen when he was the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. He gave the lyrics he drafted to the then President Shih-Liang Chien. After several revisions, the song was approved by the 896th Administrative Meeting (December 12, 1963), and Dr. Yuen-Jen Chao, the famous composer, was invited to compose the melody. On December 5, 1968, the University Song finally came forth.

  • Instrumental: MID (13KB), MP3 (631KB)
  • Choral: MP3 (908KB), WMA (921KB)
  • Choral - symphonic version: MP3 (2.64MB), WMA (2.66MB)
  • Choral - piano version: MP3 (2.88MB), WMA (2.9MB)
  • University SongImage: Special Collections Division, Library

    • University Song Sheet/Library Special Collections
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