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Date: 2018/11/20

GMBA Students Experience Taiwanese Culture through Learning Cooking Local Cuisine

  • Start to make Xiao Long Bao.

    Start to make Xiao Long Bao.

  • Cutting everything in the same size is not an easy job.

    Cutting everything in the same size is not an easy job.

  • Time to enjoy Xiao Long Bao.

    Time to enjoy Xiao Long Bao.

Another wonderful outing with NTU's GMBA! On the afternoon of September 30, a small group of GMBA students, friends, and international exchange students from the College of Management gathered to learn the secrets of one of Taiwan's most famous dishes: xiao long bao (小籠包)! These juicy, flavorful soup dumplings are a must-try for any visitor to this beautiful island, and our students wanted to learn how to make them on their own.

Nestled in the shadow of Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall, CookInn is a local cooking school that offers events and cooking classes in both English and Chinese, laying bare the secrets of some of Taiwan's most delectable treats. We gathered to learn how to make not only soup dumplings but also pickled cucumbers and pearl milk tea.

Diana and Chelsea held our hands the whole way, teaching us the proper way to make these local delicacies, showing unending patience as we formed, rolled, and filled dumplings. The afternoon was a blast and a wonderful way to showcase Taiwan's unique food culture to some, especially to our exchange student visitors who will leave at the end of this semester. Hopefully, we'll be able to go back again and learn to make other Taiwanese dishes. Together, we really enjoyed our time learning a little cultural lesson and getting our hands dirty!

(Source: NTU GMBA Office; Lauren Grimm, 2nd-year NTU GMBA student)

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