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Date: 2019/08/22

GMBA Team Experiencing Taipei Dragon Boat Festival

  • The big day has come.

    The big day has come.

  • Big family support is a must!

    Big family support is a must!

  • Let’s have some fun.

    Let’s have some fun.

  • We did it!

    We did it!

  • Team members at the very first training.

    Team members at the very first training.

  • Getting on water is something different than on the land.

    Getting on water is something different than on the land.

  • Getting on water is something different than on the land.

    When we do, we do it the best!

June 7 dawned hot, humid, and brimming with potential for the more than 200 teams set to race in Taipei’s annual Dragon Boat Festival races. In their midst was NTU’s own Global MBA (GMBA) team, ready for another year in the water, this time competing in the All Men’s Standard Boat field. The team was able to train for weeks before the big day, thanks in great part to the generous sponsorship by both Transcend and CENTURY 21 Taiwan. This year’s crew included returning members from last year as well as a batch of newcomers, who set their minds and bodies to the task of learning the ins and outs of dragon boating from scratch.

While many teams aimed to paddle their way to glory, GMBA’s own team focused more on team-building and experiencing this one-of-a-kind event here in beautiful Taiwan. Many GMBA students came from other countries, and the races were the first time they had seen real dragon boats. It was a real thrill to paddle in the races, surrounded by cheering crowds who had come from all over the world to urge on the competitors.

This year, the GMBA team found itself in a tough heat. The race included two of the top teams in the overall races, against which the GMBA team finished with a respectable time. The GMBA family, joined by the president of CENTURY 21 Taiwan, watched from the side-lines, pushing the team on. When all was said and done, the paddlers and excited supporters felt that they had succeeded in what they had set out to do and celebrated in style. Setting the tone for the afternoon’s revelry, GMBA Director Chialin Chen (陳家麟) ceremoniously smashed a huge Taiwan watermelon with his head and congratulated the team on a job well done!

For more information about our GMBA Dragon Boat sponsors, please visit: https://tw.transcend-info.com and www.century21.com.tw.

(By NTU GMBA Office; Lauren Grimm, 2nd-year GMBA student; Peter Chou, 2nd-year GMBA student.)

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