News & Features

Date Title
2017/12/11 Dreammaker: How Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, and Fintech are Shifting the Financial Landscape
2017/11/30 College of Public Health Earns First CEPH Accreditation in Asia
2017/11/30 Alumnus Pursues Primordial Gravitational Waves in Antarctica and Tibet
2017/11/30 International Scholars Discuss Health Economics and Outcomes Research at Symposium
2017/11/30 Former Interim President Chang Elected IAE Member in Russia
2017/11/30 Physical Therapist Elected Chair of World Confederation's Asia Western Pacific Region
2017/11/30 Local Student Advisors Broaden Horizons with Summer Plus International Students
2017/11/30 Campus Hosts Future Asian Leaders for Three-Week Summer Program
2017/11/30 More Students Expand Minds through Overseas Summer Programs
2017/11/30 New Yushan Dung Beetle Uniquely Related to Russian Beetle
2017/11/30 Satellite Trackers Reveal Transborder Migration Routes of Endangered "Bird of Myth"
2017/11/30 Japanese Colonial Building Home to Medical Humanities Museum
2017/11/30 Academic Year Opening Day Ceremony and Orientation Camp Welcome New Students
2017/11/30 Life Science Students Participate in International Ecology Field Course in Okinawa
2017/11/30 New Center to Promote Digital Learning for Innovation
2017/11/30 Graduating Students Dance the Night Away
2017/10/31 Commencement Speaker Highlights Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Job Market
2017/10/31 Delegation Attends APRU Presidents' Meeting in Sydney
2017/10/31 Agreement Initiates Ties between Elite University Systems in Taiwan and Vietnam
2017/10/31 Executive Vice President Recognized with Leadership Award for Cyber-Physical Systems
2017/10/31 NTU Designers Win Top Prizes in Youth Housing Competition
2017/10/31 Mosaic Taiwan Seeks Views of Northern American Students on Taiwan
2017/10/31 OIA Boosts NTU's Visibility and Recruits Ethnic-Chinese Students in Los Angeles
2017/10/31 President Yang Attends Leaders Council on Visit to Partner Universities in Germany
2017/10/31 Dongsha Coral Reefs Reveal Influence of Human Nitrogen Emissions
2017/10/31 Joint Taiwan-US Field Studies Reveal Reverse Current under Kuroshio
2017/10/31 Agricultural Exhibition Empowers Consumers in Wake of Food Scandals
2017/10/31 Student Instructors Teach Calculus in Two-Hour Live Broadcast
2017/10/31 Entrepreneurship Center Showcases Student Startups on Third Anniversary
2017/10/31 President Yang Offers Thanks to Colleagues and Students in Farewell Address
2017/10/31 Duo Recital Delivers Echoes of Traditional Tea Harvest Chants
2017/09/28 Prof. Jung-Yun Han Wins the E. Sun Academic Award 2016
2017/08/03 Exhibition Explores Curious History of Blue and White Porcelain Imitations
2017/08/03 Architect Toyo Ito Discusses Creative Concept of New Campus Landmark
2017/08/03 International and Local Students Enjoy Food and Song at World Carnival
2017/08/03 Research Providing Novel Sepsis Treatment Draws International Recognition
2017/08/03 Book Offers Postcolonial Critique of Legal Thought in Colonial Taiwan
2017/08/03 Volunteers Help the Schoolchildren of Pinglin's Terraced Tea Plantations
2017/08/03 Life Science College Cooperates with International Universities on Summer Internships
2017/08/03 First Partner Day Welcomes 35 Partner Universities to Campus
2017/08/03 Officials Attend Anniversaries of Partner Universities in Europe and Southeast Asia
2017/08/03 HKU President: People Flourish If Given Opportunities
2017/06/26 A Culture Event to Delight the Senses
2017/01/25 Taiwan Higher Education Leads Southbound Effort
2017/01/25 Lin-Shan Lee: Making Computer Understand Chinese
2017/01/25 Luminaries' Life Stories Serve as Guideposts for Students
2017/01/25 Delegation Visits Japan for Taiwan Culture Week and Global Science Week
2017/01/25 NTU Hosts University of Hamburg for 2nd Matchmaking Workshop
2017/01/25 NTU Draws Praise for Entrepreneurship Drive at AEARU Meeting in South Korea
2017/01/25 Deputy Vice President Speaks on Internationalization at Invitation of Kyushu University
2017/01/25 Reading Room Houses Children's Picture Books in a Relaxing Atmosphere
2017/01/25 International Degree Cultivates Climate Change and Sustainable Development Professionals
2017/01/25 Resource Center Helps Indigenous Students to Find Fulfillment
2017/01/25 Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Institute Celebrates 10th Anniversary
2017/01/25 President Yang Promotes NTU Cancer Center in New York
2016/12/09 Culture Event - Experiencing Chinese New Year
2016/11/04 Taipei City Tour - Exchange Students and NTU Buddies
2016/10/31 Biography Surveys Life of Japanese Botanist Who Named Plants during Colonial Era
2016/10/31 Documents and Artifacts Tell Story of Agriculture’s Four-Century History in Taiwan
2016/10/31 Summer Plus Student Advisors See Larger World without Leaving Campus
2016/10/31 Delegation Seeks Students at Taiwan's First Education Fairs in Myanmar
2016/10/31 USC Interns Gain Real World Experience Working with OIA Staff
2016/10/31 Study Reveals Harmful Impacts of Typhoon Rain on Drinking Water Safety
2016/10/31 Social Service Club Helps School Students in Remote Southwest China
2015/09/22 Museum of Anthropology Welcomes Paiwan Spirit Pillar in Symbolic Wedding
2015/08/29 The NTU team won the 1st place at the 2015 ACM ISPD Circuit Placement Contest
2015/08/06 NTU Startup “Girl's time, Good time!" champed the first “athlete entrepreneur’s competition”
2015/07/23 NTU Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion and Dinner
2015/07/17 Loopd Raises $2.6 Million to Power Corporate Events Analytics
2015/05/20 First NTU Graduate Certificate Traveled Across Seas to Reach Recipient
2015/05/06 Zoology Museum Houses Type Specimen of Endemic Taipei Frog
2015/04/28 IHS Hosts 2014 UBIAS Directors Meeting for the First Time in Asia
2015/03/10 NTU Doctor Creates Painting Depicting College of Medicine Conference Hall
2015/03/06 Historic NTU Triangle Alliance Links NTU, NTNU, and NTUST Campuses
2015/03/06 Online Learning Game Wins Top Global Education Innovation Competition
2015/03/06 Gene Machines Engineered from Biological Parts Earn International Awards
2015/03/06 Safer Epidural Syringe Wins Team National Entrepreneurship Competition
2015/03/06 Univ. of Albany President Visits to Sign Agreements
2015/03/06 Internet of Things Applications Showcased at Intel Innovation Summit in Taipei
2015/03/06 Astrophysicists Celebrate Antarctic Balloon Launch of Neutrino Antenna
2015/03/06 Restoration Gives New Life to Historic Building on Experimental Farm
2015/03/06 Instructors Enjoy Options for Learning about Flipped Classrooms
2015/03/06 Population Expert Talks about Marriage and Fertility in Asia
2015/03/06 Forum Addresses Ongoing Disputes over Co-management of Indigenous Land
2015/03/06 History Gallery Houses Skeleton of "Fantastic Sea Creature"
2015/03/06 Hall Celebrates Festivals with Bowls of Soup and Porridge