News & Features

Date Title
2018/11/20 A Book-Lovers’ Gathering: Tsung-Ming Tu Book Collection Donation Ceremony at NTU Library
2018/11/20 NTU & UKM Cohost First Malaysia-Taiwan University Presidents’ Forum
2018/11/20 Building a City of Knowledge: NTU Press at the 2018 HK Book Fair
2018/11/20 NTU Team Wins Grand Prize at 2018 Robot Competition
2018/11/20 A New Chapter for NTU’s Overseas Summer Programs
2018/11/20 Inspiration, Growth, and Learning: NTU Builds Connections with France and Belgium through Forums
2018/11/20 A Feast of Summertime Memories: 2018 NTU Plus Academy Summer+ Programs Bring it On!
2018/11/20 Rapid Geomagnetic Oscillations and Centennial Polarity Reversals Identified
2018/11/20 Piddock Clams – Anything but Boring! An Evolutionary Journey from Salt to Fresh Water
2018/11/20 Innovative and Fun: Machine Learning Class Makes Waves!
2018/11/20 Leap Ahead: NTU IC Summer Camp Primes Students with IT Trends and Goals
2018/11/20 Come Surf on My Turf: Joint Field Course Takes Students to Green Island and Fushan Botanical Garden
2018/11/20 Stay Architecturally Inspired and Informed: NTU 90th Anniversary Architectural Forums
2018/11/20 New Book Realigns Cultural Legacies Abroad with Taiwanese Society
2018/11/20 Managing the Tide: Foreign Trade and Commerce Offices in Taiwan
2018/11/20 GMBA Students Cook Local Cuisine to Experience Taiwanese Culture
2018/11/05 GMBA Unity Ball 2018
2018/08/30 2018 APRU Annual Presidents' Meeting Held at NTU: Challenges in Our Digital Future
2018/08/30 Interim President Congratulates and Encourages Graduates to Spread Wings and Reach for the Sky
2018/08/30 Exchange Meeting with Alumni and Faculty Academicians Helps Facilitate the Academic Development of the College of Science and NTU
2018/08/30 Academician Shing-Tung Yau Presented the Marcel Grossmann Award in Rome
2018/08/30 Pioneering Carbon Adsorption and Capture Technology Earns INPEX Gold Medal
2018/08/30 A New Eduscape: NTU’s Outreach Effort at 2018 Japan-Taiwan University Presidents’ Forum
2018/08/30 NTU Presents at Two Sessions at NAFSA’s 70th Annual Conference
2018/08/30 2018 APSafe Conference Addresses Pressing Concerns about Climate Change and Food
2018/08/30 Groundbreaking, Whole-Genome de novo Sequencing of the Mikado Pheasant
2018/08/30 Hair Follicle Stem Cells Found Activated by Light through Eyes via a Neural Pathway
2018/08/30 End-of-Semester Auto Racing at Mechanical Engineering Practicum Puts Teamwork to the Test
2018/08/30 D-School Students as Woodworkers in the Woods – HDG Woodcraft Studio
2018/08/30 A New Milestone for NTU’s College of Bioresources and Agriculture Academic Collaboration with Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Agriculture
2018/08/30 NTU Celebrates Inauguration of the Agricultural Incubation and Promotion Center on Yunlin Campus
2018/06/11 After 40-Year Love Affair with Chemistry, Prof. Chung-Yuan Mou Looks Back on His Academic Path
2018/06/11 New Joint Center to Promote AI Technology and AI Biomedicine
2018/06/11 Exhibit Explores Fieldwork of Japanese Colonial Anthropologist in Taiwan
2018/06/11 Center to Celebrate Decade of Digital Humanities Research
2018/06/11 Discovery of New Class of Genes Earns Chair Professor US National Award
2018/06/11 Harvard and Other Partners Cooperate on Joint Internationalization Presentations
2018/05/15 Delegation Builds Relations with Three Universities in Tokyo
2018/05/15 International Affairs Administrators Develop Professional Skills at Workshop
2018/05/15 Journal Cover Article Explains Flow Variations in the Kuroshio Current
2018/05/15 New Student Association Division Promotes Campus Sustainability
2018/05/15 New Book Addresses the Implementation of Social Justice in Taiwan
2018/05/15 Taiwan and Hong Kong Students Present Papers at Public Affairs Conference
2018/05/15 Italian Sculptor’s Works Displayed on Campus
2018/05/15 Azaleas Bloom, Dreams Come True
2018/04/24 GMBA LIVE Event: A Dialogue with Entrepreneurs
2018/04/10 Student Choir Sings “Green Island Serenade” in Beijing
2018/04/10 Political Sociologist Explores Foundations of Chinese State Legitimacy in New Book
2018/04/10 Exoneration Practicum Uses Real Cases to Bring Legal Research to Real World
2018/04/10 Systems Biology Students Learn Mechanistic Modeling in English
2018/04/10 Exhibition Features NTU-Held Artifacts and Specimens from the South Pacific
2018/04/10 Red Blood Cell-Mimicking Nanoparticles Enhance Flu Virus Detection
2018/04/10 Vice President Chang Celebrates with King Felipe VI of Spain
2018/04/10 Engineering Professors Visit Kuwait University in Search of Common Research Interests
2018/04/10 Student Ambassadors Represent NTU on First Overseas Mission to Japan
2018/04/10 Online Buddhist Library Listed in World’s Top Digital Libraries
2018/04/10 Four-University Alliance Opens Industry-Academia Resource Center in Thailand
2018/04/10 Thousands Enjoy Fun and Science at Teaching Resource Center Expo
2018/04/10 New Program Promotes Close Collaboration between Industry and University
2018/04/10 Economics Students' NGO Helps Nepalese Schoolchildren after Quake
2018/03/28 Great Experience in the UNICON Conference in Singapore
2018/03/28 Global MBA Information Sessions Receive High Attention from Prospective Applicants
2018/03/28 NTU GMBA Year-End Party Brings Everyone Closer to Each Other
2018/03/20 L.I.V.E. Event at GMBA: Green Economy Opportunities—Scope for Taiwan
2018/03/15 Exhibition Features Traditional Textiles of the Saisiyat People
2018/03/15 Decade of Internationalization Brings Amazing Campus Transformations
2018/03/15 Compilation Demonstrates Poet-Scholar's Integration of Theory and Creativity
2018/03/15 NTU Opens Taiwan Education Center in Malaysia
2018/03/15 International Students Wrap Shui Jiao Dumplings to Learn about Local Culture
2018/03/15 Schoolchildren Learn the Love of Bugs in Public Lectures at Insect Museum
2018/03/15 Ocean Data Bank Provides Real-Time Oceanographic Information for the Nation
2018/03/15 Globetrotting Vice President Represents NTU at Major Meetings in Mexico and Japan
2018/03/15 International and Local Students Mix It Up at Welcome Party
2018/03/15 Administrators Join Major Taiwanese Delegation to New Zealand Universities
2018/03/15 Membrane Filtration Specialist Elected Vice-Chair of International Water Association Group
2018/03/15 Data Records Suggest Sea Temperatures More Sensitive to Greenhouse Gases than Previously Thought
2018/03/15 Design Thinking Course Redesigns University Learning Experience for New Era
2018/03/15 NTU Reports on Long-Term Care in Aging Societies at World Health Summit
2018/03/15 Former Interim President Leads Major Delegation to Participate in Joint Forum at the University of Illinois
2018/01/09 A Seminar by Steve Ahn from KAIST to NTU MBA Students