News & Features

Date Title
2019/11/14 Message from the Dr. Pai-Chi Li, Vice President for Research and Development
2019/11/14 President Kuan Encourages Freshmen to Explore the World at Opening Day Ceremony
2019/11/14 15th Annual Overseas Service-Learning Group Goes to Malaysia: Stories from Kuching
2019/11/14 Extreme Flooding a Possible Cause of the Demise of Angkor: NTU Research Team
2019/11/14 NTU Professor Receives Asia-Pacific Catalysis Outstanding Researcher Award
2019/11/14 NTU Press Delegation Attends Asia Scholars Convention and Receives Book Prize
2019/11/14 Science Innovation School for Global Young Scientists a Big Success
2019/11/14 2019 NTU Plus Academy Summer+ Programs: Connect with the World, Excel with NTU
2019/11/14 NTU Team Develops Novel Lab-on-a-Chip System for Microfluidic Mixing
2019/11/14 Shared Transportation Changes How Students Commute
2019/11/14 NTU 2019 Summer Medical Service Teams Pay Love Forward
2019/11/14 NTU Heads South to Promote Sports Science Exchange
2019/11/14 New Book Sheds Light on the Future Development of East Asian Philosophy
2019/11/14 NTU Spends 1.6 Billion on Faculty Housing to Attract Talent
2019/11/14 UToyama Donates the First TIU-Issued Doctoral Diploma to NTU
2019/9/12 Words from Our Executive Vice President, Dr. Ming-Syan Chen
2019/9/12 President Chung-Ming Kuan Visits Outstanding NTU Alumni in Silicon Valley
2019/9/12 Asian Engineering Deans' Summit Hosted by NTU for First Time
2019/9/12 NTU’s SerDes Technology Backed by Silicon Venture Capital
2019/9/12 NTU and USC Advance International Humanities Publications with New Joint Book Series
2019/9/12 NTU Dean of Engineering Wen-Chang Chen Wins SPSJ International Award
2019/9/12 NTUEE Team Wins Second Place at 2019 ISPD Initial Detailed Routing Contest
2019/9/12 NTU Promotes Higher Education Cooperation at Going Global Conference 2019
2019/9/12 NTU Hosts the First International Degree Students’ Farewell Party
2019/9/12 NTU Seeks to Recruit the Brightest International Students
2019/9/12 Fighting Global Warming: NTU International Study Published in Science
2019/9/12 NTUH Discovers Link between DEHP and Cardiovascular Health
2019/9/12 From Accountant to Wine Lover: A Sip of Wine That Led to Big Dreams
2019/9/12 NTU Drama and Theatre Department Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Production of Shakespeare at the Mahjong Game
2019/9/12 From Strength to Strength: NTU CJS Celebrates 5th Anniversary Milestone
2019/9/12 NTU Shows Passion for Pharmaceutical Research
2019/9/12 2019 Young Out Expo Invites Youth to Go on a Journey of Self-Exploration
2019/8/22 GMBA Team Experiencing Taipei Dragon Boat Festival
2019/7/8 Words from Our Executive Vice President, Dr. Ching-Hua Lo
2019/7/8 Special Exhibition on the Centennial of the May Fourth Movement
2019/7/8 2019 NTU Art Festival: “L’imagination au pouvoir”
2019/7/8 New College Culture: Opening Doors to the World
2019/7/8 NTU Distinguished Professor Yng-Ing Lee and Associate Professor Haojia Abby Ren Receive 2019 Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science Awards
2019/7/8 Three NTU Hospital Doctors Receive the Taiwan Children Healthcare Excellence Award
2019/7/8 NTU Makes Great Strides in Partnering with European Universities
2019/7/8 President Kuan Visits UIC to Promote Bilateral Collaboration
2019/7/8 International NTU: Break & Fuse Festival
2019/7/8 International Consortium Develops a Potential Vaccine against MERS
2019/7/8 Precise Typhoon Prediction and Tracking Made Possible by NTU’s Functionally Enhanced Data Buoys
2019/7/8 Freshman Limited Edition Shirt – Blessings for NTU Newbies
2019/7/8 NTU-ICDF Joint Project to Advance Women and Children’s Health Care in Guatemala
2019/7/8 NIG Method: Two-Day Workshop on Delivering a Successful Scientific Presentation
2019/7/8 When Art Meets Books: NTU-JW Profound Art Book Exhibition
2019/7/8 AI Innovation x Advanced Robotics: 2019 Open House Day
2019/4/30 'Let Us Put NTU on the Map,' Proclaims Executive Vice President Chiapei Chou
2019/4/30 Fun NTU, Azaleas in Full Bloom!
2019/4/30 Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University Join Forces at the Taipei Book Fair
2019/4/30 NTU Career Fair: VISION 2019
2019/4/30 Thirteen NTU Scholars Awarded MOST Young Scholar Fellowship
2019/4/30 NTU Acknowledged for Wetland Conservation Contributions
2019/4/30 Emeritus Prof. Pang-Yuan Chi Awarded Honorary Doctorate by IU Bloomington
2019/4/30 Alex Ma Wins the 2019 Technical Achievement Awards
2019/4/30 Short-Term Programs at NTU, Connecting Schools in the Asia-Pacific Region
2019/4/30 The National Eye Bank of Taiwan: A World Class Eye Bank
2019/4/30 NTU Designs a Three-Dimensional Origami Paper-Based Device for Portable Immunoassay Applications
2019/4/30 Students Approve the “Bicycle Lights Scheme” Budget
2019/4/30 Preparing Future Teachers: Embarking on a New Journey
2019/4/30 2019 NTU Volunteers: Building Communities Beyond the Campus
2019/4/30 Central Javanese Music and Dance at National Taiwan University
2019/4/30 Rent-Seeking Developmental State in China: Exploring the Role of Taiwan’s Businessmen in Global Capitalism
2019/1/28 Face-To-Face with Prof. Yu-Yu Cheng: Literature is the Art of Putting Old Words into New Places
2019/1/28 NTU’s 90th Anniversary: A Stellar Gathering Sparkled with High Expectations and Academic Achievements
2019/1/28 The First Automated Library Storage and Retrieval System in Taiwan Unveiled
2019/1/28 A Fulcrum to Leverage Advanced Research: Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement Launched
2019/1/28 NTU and the Beyond: Into the Woods We Go, to Lose Our Minds and Find Our Souls
2019/1/28 Recognizing the Past, Shouldering the Future: Feature Collections for NTU’s 90th Anniversary Unveiled
2019/1/28 Team NTU Wins 2nd Runner-Up in 2018 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
2019/1/28 All Hands to the Pump: NTU and World-Leading Universities Eye Positive Change
2019/1/28 Kyoto University President Juichi Yamagiwa Salutes NTU on Its 90th Anniversary
2019/1/28 King Felipe VI of Spain and Foundation Duques de Soria Pay Homage to Non-Native Spanish Scholars
2019/1/28 Alternative Strategy for Pain Management via Acupuncture-Induced Orexin Release
2019/1/28 The Best Antiques to Collect are Old Friends: A Celebration of Festivities and Friendships
2019/1/28 Student Teams Going All Out at Four-College Softball Tournament
2019/1/28 Swing in the NTU Library: An Evening of Jazz Music surrounded by Books