News & Features

Date Title
2020/11/23 Kuai-Yuan Chan: Future University Breaks Tradition
2020/11/23 NTU Celebrates Its 92nd Anniversary
2020/11/23 A Smart Building as the Best Learning Resource for Earthquake Prevention: Donation and Opening Ceremony of the New Extension of the NCREE Building
2020/11/23 The 71st NTU Sports Day
2020/11/23 NTU’s Innovative COVID-19 Special Visiting Student Program
2020/11/23 Study Abroad, Study the World!
2020/11/23 NTU Discovers Potential Antiviral Agents for COVID-19
2020/11/23 NTU Expedites COVID-19 Drug Repurposing Research with AI
2020/11/23 Taiwan and Japan Develop High-Performance Nonvolatile Organic Photonic Transistor Memory Devices Using Conjugated Rod-Coil Materials
2020/11/23 NTU’s Multinational Research Team Publishes Paper on High-Efficiency Perovskite Laser Technology
2020/11/23 NTU Launches the Intelligent Medicine Program
2020/11/23 NTU Finds Pride at NAIG
2020/11/23 NTU Buffalo: Passing Down the Tradition While Looking Ahead to the Future as the Top Rugby Team in Taiwan
2020/11/23 NTU’s Competitive Cheerleading Squad Crowned Champion at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games
2020/10/25 Message from Prof. Louis Yu-Ning Ge, Vice President for General Affairs
2020/10/25 Onwards to the Great Voyage: NTU Launches the R/V New Ocean Researcher 1
2020/10/25 NTU Dazzles and Shines at BIO Asia 2020
2020/10/25 NTU Enters Top 100 in THE Rankings
2020/10/25 Enrichment Camp Connects High School Students to the World
2020/10/25 NTU and KU Signs MOU on Strategic Partnership
2020/10/25 Decoding the Secret to Hair Growth through Goosebumps
2020/10/25 NTU Realizes the Promise of Silicon Photonics
2020/10/25 Impacts of Climate Change on Terrestrial Water Cycle and Water Resources
2020/10/25 NTU’s Discovery Offers New Hope for Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients
2020/10/25 Students Amaze Viewers with Biological Scientific Illustrations
2020/10/25 NTU Library Signs MOU with RDMLA
2020/10/25 Discovering the Beauty of Local Flora at NTU Herbarium
2020/10/25 In with the Freshmen! Opening Ceremony for the 2020 Academic Year
2020/10/25 What Is Legal Dogmatics? - Examining How Constitutional Dogmatics Resolves Political and Social Issues in Germany
2020/9/17 Message from Prof. April Chiung-Tao Shen, Vice President for Student Affairs
2020/9/17 Symposium with Business Representatives on Post-Pandemic Recruitment
2020/9/17 NTU Publishes 1st Edition of USR Report
2020/9/17 NTU Holds Appreciation Tea Party to Honor Donors
2020/9/17 NTU Professors Honored with Various Awards
2020/9/17 NTU and Kyushu University Hold 2nd Colloquium Online
2020/9/17 Fishing and Global Warming Affect Fish Spatial Dynamics and Sustainability
2020/9/17 Major Findings in Early Lung Adenocarcinoma Detection
2020/9/17 NTU Sheds Light on the Development of Children’s Flu Vaccine
2020/9/17 Students Learn to Cultivate Fruits and Taste Wine
2020/9/17 Union is Strength: NTU Women’s Volleyball Wins 2nd Straight Championship
2020/9/17 Students Save Lives on Campus
2020/9/17 Congratulations, NTU Class of 2020 — You are One of a Kind!
2020/9/17 NTU Varsity Basketball Team —“Play Hard, Play Smart”
2020/7/23 Message from Prof. Shih-Torng Ding, Vice President for Academic Affairs
2020/7/23 Art Settlement Planning: NTU Breathes New Life into Historical Buildings
2020/7/23 NTU Signs Letter of Intent to Promote Sustainable Development
2020/7/23 NTU's College of Public Health Wins 2020 ASPPH Harrison C. Spencer Award
2020/7/23 Introducing the First Graduating Class of GIP-TRIAD
2020/7/23 Experiential Opportunities to Engage with International Investment Law and Investment Arbitration
2020/7/23 Embarking on a New Adventure with NTU Voyage of Aspirations Scholarship
2020/7/23 NTU-Sinica Team Makes Predicting Conduction in Nanostructures Easy
2020/7/23 NTU-TKU Team Advances Typhoon-Related Flood Forecasts by Two Days
2020/7/23 Breakthrough Research in Understanding Meiotic DNA Recombination Published in PNAS
2020/7/23 From Local to Global: NTU Collaborates with Minerva Schools
2020/7/23 NTU's College of Law Joins THEMIS Network
2020/7/23 GMBA Students on a Field Trip to Chunghwa Telecom
2020/7/23 COVID-19 Prevention Briefings Held by NTU's College of Public Health
2020/7/23 NTU's Resolve to Prevent COVID-19 from Spreading
2020/7/23 Announcing the Launch of Chinese Gap Year in Taipei
2020/5/28 GMBA Students Visit Chunghwa Telecom’s Satellite Station in Yangming Mountain
2020/5/28 Dr. Joanne S. Liu: Researcher of Domestic Violence, Protector of Women and Children
2020/5/28 NTU Smart Healthcare Startup Wins the National Innovation Award
2020/5/28 Collaborating to Learn, Learning to Collaborate: 26th NTU Interdisciplinary Symposium
2020/5/28 NTU College of Liberal Arts Receives a Haiku Box from the Haiku Capital Matsuyama
2020/5/28 NTU Library Receives Okinawa Times Special Award
2020/5/28 NTU Joins Higher Education Leaders at the 2020 AIEA Annual Conference
2020/5/28 NTU Actively Recruits Students from East Malaysia
2020/5/28 NTU Makes Breakthrough for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
2020/5/28 Small is Powerful: NTU Advances Molecular Machinery with Bioinspired Nanostructure “NanoMuscle”
2020/5/28 Pharmacy Students on the Frontline of Fighting the Epidemic
2020/5/28 NTU Celebrates Long-Term Commitment, Deep Involvement, and Active Engagement
2020/5/28 Students of ALPHA and NTU Gain Hands-On Experience in Rural Agriculture
2020/5/28 Environmental Protection Made Easy: NTU’s Circular Economy Experiments
2020/5/28 Live-Streamed for the First Time: 2020 NTU Azalea Festival
2020/3/11 Pioneer of Intelligent Robotics in Taiwan: Prof. Li-Chen Fu
2020/3/11 Science Monthly Celebrates 50th Anniversary by Donating Digital Content to NTU
2020/3/11 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics Winner Gérard Mourou on His Quest for Light
2020/3/11 NTU Library Innovates Comprehensive Research Support
2020/3/11 Dr. Katherine A. Kim Named in MIT's "Innovators Under 35"
2020/3/11 NTU Professor Receives 2019 Outstanding Science & Technology Contribution Award
2020/3/11 2019 UTokyo-NTU Joint Conference: Co-Creating the Future Society in Asia
2020/3/11 Students from Around the World Gather at NTU for Plus Academy Winter Program
2020/3/11 “New Southbound” Special Report: NTU Furthers Innovation with Partner Countries
2020/3/11 Accurate Prediction of Liver Cancer Risk in Patients with Hepatitis B
2020/3/11 NTU Launches International Hub of Green Materials for a Sustainable Future
2020/3/11 Digitalizing the Global Text: Book Launch & Forum to Reflect on the Digital Wave of Globalization
2020/3/11 Using Course Design to Bring Schools and Communities Together
2020/3/11 The World Learns from NTUH’s MSK Ultrasound Center
2020/3/11 Christmas Gift from Mother Nature: Collared Scops Owls Appear on Campus
2020/2/17 GMBA Students Visit Care Home to Help with Fundraising Initiatives
2020/2/17 GMBA Students in 2019 Taroko Gorge Marathon - Run for Your Dream
2020/1/10 GMBA Students’ Fruitful Company Visit to ViewSonic
2020/1/10 Message from Shih-Torng Ding, Vice President for Academic Affairs
2020/1/10 Chinese Overseas Flagship Center Opens at NTU
2020/1/10 NTU Celebrates 91st Anniversary with Festivities and Joy
2020/1/10 NTU Furthers Collaboration with NUS in EECS, Management, and Chinese
2020/1/10 NTU Research Team Receives Best Paper Award at Top International Conference on Embedded Systems
2020/1/10 Prof. Suming Chen Receives International Award from JSAM
2020/1/10 1st NTU Family Meeting Strengthens Collaboration with Partner Institutions
2020/1/10 A Glimpse of Higher Education Abroad: Over 100 Universities Join NTU Study Abroad Fair
2020/1/10 Kyushu University Attends University Staff Training Program at NTU
2020/1/10 NTU and Academia Sinica Cast New Light on Neuroblastoma Treatment
2020/1/10 NTU Makes Significant Breakthroughs in Solar Hydrogen Production
2020/1/10 Creating an Animal-Friendly Campus: “Slow Down, Animal Crossing”
2020/1/10 A Talk with AI Expert Harry Shum
2020/1/10 Reforms and Innovations in NTU’s Academic Affairs
2020/1/10 Joint Eco-Friendly Agriculture Exhibition Presents Examples of Human-Nature Coexistence
2020/1/10 Teacher Education Students Discover Why Education in Finland Is Second to None in the World