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In April 1996, the Commission for General Education (CGE) was established to promote and administer general and liberal education and other related matters. In 2006, Commission for General Education was reformed as the Center for General Education, and became an independent academic organization instead of administrative organization.

Ever since its inception, the Center has worked to enrich the content of general and liberal education, to express the unique characteristics of NTU, and to fulfill the ideal of well-rounded education. Based on the experience and the special circumstances of our university, the Center has designed a new general and liberal education curriculum. The new system is being applied to bachelor’s students who enter NTU in the 2007 academic year of afterwards. The content of the new system is listed below:

  1. The general courses are adjusted from 18 to 12 credit hours, including Chinese Literature (6 hours) and English and Foreign Languages (6 hours), while the liberal courses are adjusted from 12 to 18 credit hours.
  2. The four major areas of liberal courses including humanities, social science, material science and life science are adjusted to be eight main areas, and these are Literature and Art, History Thinking, World Civilization, philosophy and Moral Reasoning, Civil Awareness and Social Analysis, Quantitative Analysis and Mathematics, Material Science, and Life Sciences. Colleges can require students to take liberal courses from five or six main areas out of the eight main areas, and the required areas are different from students’ major so that students are allowed to learn broader and more balanced knowledge and become interested in new subjects and thus will be inspired by courses from other fields.
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