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College of Management's Efforts towards
Internationalization Received Five Palms Rating
from 2009 Eduniversal

In 2009 the European Eduniversal conducted a review and revaluation of the best 1000 business schools in the world. National Taiwan University emerged triumphant from among the top 1000, and was classified as a university with a business management program that has the most international influence. NTU was ranked among the top 100, and received a five palms rating.

Eduniveral's business school rankings has a widespread reputation in Europe. Its criteria for evaluation is extremely rigorous and is divided into two phases. The first phase is that the International Scientific Committee under Eduniversal carried out a evaluation of all the business schools in the world, and selected the top 1000. Criteria for selection included average per capita educational investment, gross domestic product, national population, the number of students in higher education institutes, local educational backgrounds, and the school's international influence (meaning the school's ability to place its graduates domestically and internationally.)

The second phase (the number of palms) is decided upon the base of the first phase. Its criteria have two indicators: the degree of internationalization and the Dean's votes. The degree of internationalization is decided by the number of international certificates, evaluation by international media, participation in international conferences, the Dean's(whether domestic orf international) cooperation network with the school, famous websites that relate to education and the university's research institutes, etc. Every dean whose college is reviewed as among the top 1000 had a right to vote, and the voting dates were from November 2008 to March 2009. The voting results were expressed in "recommendation rates". NTU's College of Management had a recommendation rate of 186%, which not only topped all business schools in Taiwan, but also was among the top 100 in the world.

NTU's College of Management was a member of AAPBS (Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools). It actively participates in the organization's activities, has a good working relationship with other business schools in the Asia Pacific region, and dedicates itself to international accreditation and evaluation. In 2009, the Financial Times EMBA rankings rated the NTU College of Management as the 40th place in the world. In recent years, under the leadership of Dean Mao-Wei Hung, the College of Management pushes itself toward internationalization. It set up an Office of International Affairs, actively promoted treaty exchange with the top business schools in the world, and pursued opportunities for academic cooperation and resource exchange. So far the College of Management has engaged in academic and student exchange with 66 famous business schools in 19 countries. every semester at least 150 students were sent abroad to study at sister schools, and over 119 courses were taught in English. These efforts, plus the number of academic seminars and conferences co-organized by NTU and its sister schools, helped promote the international vista and competitiveness of its students.

The number of palm trees awarded by Eduniveral represents the College's acceptability in the international arena. It helps the College and its students understand the College's positioning internationally, and understand its international influence. To be awarded a five palm rating signifies that the College's business education has reached international convergence and has received international recognition. In the future NTU's College of Management will use the five palms rating as a basis for self-improvement, striving internally to enhance the quality of teaching and research, while externally continuing to push for internationalization, so that the College's competitiveness can be heightened internationally.

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