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Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Officially Enters upon a Sister-School Relationship with NTU

In June of this year, Dr. Richard L. McCormick, President of Rutgers University, led Dr. Ching-I Tu, Dean of its Confucius Institute and Associate Dean Dr. Holly C. Tyson and paid a visit to National Taiwan University where they met with President Si-chen Lee, Dr. Tung Shen, director of the Office of International Affairs, and Dean Ching-Hua Lo of the College of Sciences . During the visit, the Rutgers delegation signed agreements for academic cooperation and future student exchange with NTU and expressed their wishes for inter-collegiate academic exchange. In addition, the Rutgers delegation also paid a special visit to NTU's College of Liberal Arts to understand its status quo and to discuss the possibility of cooperation. Later on, they discussed the details of cooperation with NTU's Vice President Dr. Tzong-Ho Bao.

President McCormick and President Lee achieved consensus on the cooperation between the two universities. The cooperation program involves five facets: 1) Student exchange through mutually approved exchange programs; 2) Exchange of Faculty; 3) Exchange of documents or research materials; 4) Cooperation on joint or collaborative research projects; 5) Providing students with ways and means whereby they can choose the undergraduate or graduate program of the other school to study.

After the signing ceremony, President McCormick met with Dr. Kuo-Liang Yeh, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Dr. Mu-Hsuan Huang, Vice Dean of the College of Liberal Arts to understand the status quo and future developments of the College, and to discuss the possibilities of future cooperation. Later on, the Rutgers delegation discussed the details of cooperation with Vice President of NTU Dr. Tsong-Ho Bau, Director of the Office of International Affairs Dr. Tung Shen, the two Vice Deans of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, the Head of the History Department, and representative alumni from the Department of Finance.

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey was founded in 1766. As a public research-type university, it now encompasses 180 research centers, and 27 colleges (including the only medical school in the State of New Jersey), providing 100 undergraduate majors and 180 graduate programs. The scope of academic development of Rutgers University is quite pluralistic, especially in the area of Philosophy, where its faculty are comparable to those in New York University and Oxford University. In terms of teaching quality, the faculty to student ratio is 1 to 14, (very low) so as to ensure that every student gets the best education. Rutgers set up an international MBA program in Beijing and Shanghai, and was ranked No. 55th in the Global University Rankings of Shanghai Jiao-tung University. Among the universities in the United States, Rutgers was Ranked No. 2nd in mathematical education, No.3rd in female and gender research, and No. 5th in atmospheric science and global affairs.

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