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The Family Resource Center of NTU Hospital Now Open to The Public

In order to build a dedicated health center for the mind and body of children and their parents, the NTU Hospital specifically collaborates with the Hsin-Yi Foundation to establish Taiwan’s first “Family Resource Center”, which is now open to the public at the first floor of the Children Medical Building. The opening ceremony was co-officiated by Dr. Ming-Fong Chen, Superintendent of NTU Hospital, Mr. Show Chung Ho, Chairman of the Yuen Foong Yu Group, and Mr. Jin-Pyng Wang, President of the Legislative Yuan. With the opening of this new facility, when children come to NTU Hospital in the future, not only can they explore interesting spaces in the chidlren’s theme park, they can also enjoy, read, and listen to stories with their Moms and Dads, and acquire important health-related knowledge in an easy manner.

The NTU Hospital is the medical center for the treatment of severe and rare diseases of children in Taiwan. Clinically, when parents first heard about the results of the diagnosis of their children, they often appeared anxious and helpless, and even though the medical staff spent hours explaining to them, they still had many questions, and sought to find books or information which could tell them how the disease would evolve in the future, were there other kids with the same disease, and were there other social resources that could help them? Also, they wanted to know how they could cooperate with the medical team to help their children regain their health, and how they could cope with the difficulties that they children might encounter in the development of their bodies and minds, etc.

Consequently, after observing many famous international children’s hospitals in the world (such as the Boston Children’s Hospital), the NTU Hospital is now ready to introduce the first “in-house” family resource center in Taiwan. Using an abundance of books, picture books, audio-visual data and internet resources, the Center supplies kids of different ages with information on health, medicine, learning and development, so that children and their parents can have access to important information, learn to face up to the challenges of living and medical treatment, and construct a healthy environment. In essence. the family resource center aims to accompany everyone in their growth of life and learning, and to become a helper for the diseased children and their family.

The Family Resource Center has an exquisite overall space design. Its main exterior wall is modeled after Sea World, and shows the dynamic effects of sea birds flying, and whales and dolphins jumping. These effects are employed to increase the visual sensory experience of the attendants. And there are also game designs that are motion-sensitive, like one can see from his eyes the various colorful kaleidoscope patterns. The interior of the resource center is divided into the book area, the multi-activity area and the internet resource area. Surrounded by two life-like whales and dolphins, and immersed in the music from the rotating bell around the Little Sun, the interior of the Center is a space of comfort and interest for reading, learning, and leisure. Children and their parents are welcome to come visit the Center to share the joy of knowledge and learning.

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