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NTU Management Review Has Been Listed on Scopus, the Global Database

NTU Management Review was founded in May 1990, following the idea of internationalization within the goal set by National Taiwan University and the NTU College of Management in the recent years. The Review has been working on promoting the excellent programs and improving the research projects here for a better international perspective. It has already published more than 400 pieces of research paper ever since it was founded and thus established its international reputation. Recently, the Review has just been listed on Scopus, the largest citation database in the world, under its strict and detailed examination and recognition. The Review is highly praised and selected on the journal list of Scopus database on February 11th, 2013. Among Scopus, WOS and Google Scholar, Scopus (www.scopus.com) is the largest citation database in the world. With the dedication and great efforts from the diligent editors, NTU Management Review has become the leading figure in the field of management journals. In addition to that, the Review has also become the bridge that connects Taiwan with the International society as an important platform for the academic exchange. All the research papers that have already been published in NTU Management Review will be able to be read through and be cited by scholars all over the world.

Ever since being founded, the Review has been established well by having the efforts of the former chief editors, associate editors and the editor team. Led by the current publisher, chairman Shu-Hsing Li and the chief editor Professor Rong-Ruey Duh, with the teamwork of the associate editor Professor Shu-Cheng Chi, six area editors Professor Hsiou-Wei Lin, Professor Aichia Chuang, Professor Chung-Jen Chen, Professor Ming- Huang Chiang (names arranged in the alphabetical order), and 56 editorial boards and numerous research papers submitted by scholars from various professional fields, NTU Management Review can thus maintain its leading role in journals of management with the efforts mentioned above along with the research papers provided by scholars and the 400 reviewers’ great work over the past years. National Taiwan University appreciates the sponsor from Yin Xun Ruo Memorial Education Foundation. The Review will keep up the good work and keep moving forward. Whilst there is still a vast room for improvement, your suggestions and advices are welcomed, and we also look forward to having more of the research papers provided by the professional fields.

For more information, please call 886-2-3366-1026 or3366-5404 and email anita66@ntu.edu.tw. NTU Management Review: http://review.management.ntu.edu.tw/ntucmstw/

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