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NTU OpenCourseWare Brings Higher Education to the Public

In line with the global trend of bringing higher education to the public at large, NTU has actively promoted and developed its NTU OpenCourseWare website since 2011. The website provides the general public free access to videos of many of the university’s most informative and fascinating courses. To date, the website has built a collection of videos for over 100 NTU courses, and has attracted over 1 million visits.

NTU OpenCourseWare covers a wide range of courses in all fields of study, including the arts and humanities, social sciences and life sciences. Some of the most popular courses on the website cover important areas of literary history, such as the Daoist philosopher Chuang-tzu, the great traditional novel The Dream of the Red Chamber, and Kun opera. This year, NTU began using the NTU YouTube EDU channel to raise the visibility of NTU OpenCourseWare and make these valuable educational resources accessible to even more people.


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