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Portuguese Violin Joins Taiwanese Pipa to Meld East and West

On May 10, world-renowned Portuguese violinist Carlos Zingaro joined Taiwanese pipa master Luo Chao-yun at the College of Liberal Arts for a performance titled, "A New Chinese and Western Legend." The two musical improvisers delivered a sterling performance that explored intertwined layers of Western music and traditional Taiwanese folk melodies.

Zingaro is a classically trained violinist who is famous for his violin improvisations accompanying electronic music. He has also made a name for himself as a composer of film scores and visual artist and for his collaborations with dance troupes. This marked his first return to Taiwan after visiting once over a decade ago. He said he was deeply moved by the intense creativity he achieved with Luo by melding Eastern and Western music. Zingaro also presented the lecture “My Music, My Listeners” at the Graduate Institute of Musicology.

Luo is known for her solo classical performances as well as her improvised and experimental collaborations with international artists.


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