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Presenters and participants at the 2013 Asia Pacific Radio Science Conference, AP-RASC’13, reach new record levels

The NTU Department of Electrical Engineering, Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, and the Graduate Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics, jointly hosted the 2013 URSI 2013 Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference, AP-RASC’13, from September 3-7 at the Civil Servants Manpower Development Center’s Fu Hwa Educational Building.

Since 2001, the Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference, AP-RASC, is hosted by the International Union of Radio Science, URSI, every third year in the Asia Pacific region, and is heavily regarded by industry and academia in the international community and Asian nations.

The Conference Chair, who is the Chairman of the National Committee of the Republic of China for the International Union of Radio Science (and previously served as the Chairman, National Science Council, Taiwan), Professor Lou-Chuang Lee, was joined by the Vice Chair (of NTU Department of Electrical Engineering), Professor Jui-Pei Wu, Director of the Institute for Information Technology (IIT), as well as the former Chairman of Chung Hwa Telecom Professor Shyue-Ching Lu, Presentations Chairman and NTU Electrical Engineering Department Professor Hung-Chun Chang, and Conference Secretary General, NTU Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering Professor Tzong-Lin Wu.

This Conference featured three keynote lectures and more than 100 meetings with 618 oral and poster presentations from over 28 nations, and a total of more than 600 participants, creating new records for this Asia Pacific Radio Sciences Conference in terms of proceedings and participants.

NTU President Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang hosted a banquet for the Conference at the Grand Hotel Taipei, and welcomed all the distinguished guests in attendance.

The Conference included meetings for all 10 Commissions A-K of the International Union of Radio Science, including the fields of electromagnetic measurement, waves and field theory, optoelectronics, communications, environmental and electromagnetic interference, radio astronomy, and bio-electromagnetic. Delegates discussed the latest research trend developments, scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs, while also seeking to envision vanguard research plans, helping foster global scientific cooperation, and promoting the advance of international radio sciences and technology.

The Conference keynote speeches were presented by the distinguished Japanese scholar Prof. Makoto Ando of the Tokyo University of Technology, presenting on “Antennas and Propagation Studies for Realizing Millimeter-wave Communication Networks”, Arizona State University Prof. Jim Bell spoke on “Roving on Mars: Latest Results from the NASA Curiosity and Opportunity Missions”, and Academia Sinica Academician Prof. Han Yao spoke on “Study of the Upper Atmosphere by FORMOSAT Missions”.

During the special sessions, one event discussed “Advances in EM Education in Taiwan”, sharing about Taiwan’s innovative principles in electromagnetic education, as well as best practices and electronic educational platforms, which elicited tremendous audience appreciation and interest.

The AP-RASC conference, as it has consistently in past years, sought to empower and encourage emerging young scientists and their outstanding papers. This year the Conference selected for recognition some 20 outstanding participants for the Young Scientist Award, YSA, from among 47 entrants; additionally 5 papers were selected for the Student Paper Competition, SPC, from among 19 entries, and on September 3rd, the SPC special session chose 3 of the finalists for recognition from among the 5 oral presentations; and on September 5th, at the banquet the winners of the SPC awards were announced, and along with the other 2 SPC participants, all 20 of the YSA winners were presented with their awards during the banquet.

During the five day Conference, the Chairman of the International Union of Radio Science, Phil Wilkinson (of Australia), and the 3 Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Paul Lagasse (of Belgium), and immediately prior AP-RASC host nation Chairman Kazuya Kobayashi (of Japan), energetically worked together to engage in strategic planning with this year’s Host Committee, to determine the next Conference Host would be the Republic of Korea, and to prepare a comprehensive strategic plan for the future AP-RASC organizational framework. Besides NTU successfully hosting this year’s Conference, fully internationalizing the AP-RASC events, the entire conference was conducted at the highest international quality and enjoyed unprecedented new highs in papers submitted, greatly enhancing the global reputation and influence of the National Taiwan University.

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