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2014/2015 International Student Recruitment Meeting and Educational Fair Attendance Breaks Records

The 2014/2015 International Student Recruitment Meeting and Educational Fair was successfully held December 28, 2013, at the Liberal Education Classroom Building. In order to promote the university’s internationalization, efforts are underway to assiduously endeavor to recruit outstanding international students, so the goal was to expand the fair, and this year’s participation broke all past attendance records, with more than 200 students visiting.

The International Student Recruitment Fair, presented the NTU International Relations Office student applications consultation kiosk, and departmental kiosks providing students with information about course offerings and future career planning. Many professors from popular programs were invited to attend, and explain their programs and educational missions to students. Additionally, some NTU international students shared about their lives and learning experiences at NTU.

As we enter the era of e-globalization, starting from the 2014/2015 academic year international student applications will be handled fully online. Students will be able to obtain information online at the International Relations Office website, and submit applications within the respective deadlines on the online system and upload supporting documentation. This will be much more convenient and environmentally-friendly than the prior paper-based application system requiring use of the mail.

After the Fair, many prospective international students have made online enquiries about the application process, which will begin January 6, 2014 at 10am, when online applications will be open, until March 7 at 4pm. Many students have already completed their online applications, and if you are interested in pursuing studies at NTU as an international student, feel free to come online and submit your application.

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