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2013 NTU & Peking University Community Service Activities – Dreams Became Reality in Yunnan

The dream to send love to Yunnan was finally realized in the summer of 2013 after one semester of lesson planning and preparation for outreach, with the support from all over the society and one-week’s charity sale of postcards “Dreams Became Reality in Yunnan.”.

The 5th National Taiwan University, Peking University and Yunnan University Community Service Team set off to work at Yunnan University in the morning of August 21, 2013. A meeting was held with attendance of Dr. Hsu Ming-Qian, NTU leader, Xiao Xian, vice president of Yunnan University, Qian Jun, staff of the Office for Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs, and Chen Chunbao, associate director of the Office of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs of Peking University. They expressed their greatest support to the team members, 41 elite students from three universities across the Strait.

Faculty and staff from National Taiwan University, Peking University and Yunnan University highly value this community service activity. From the speeches given to the Community Service Team in the meeting, student members would better understand universities’ expectations for them. They are expected to learn from each other through community engagement—collaborate through learning and learn through collaboration. It is hoped that new initiatives will be incorporated into service-learning programs in universities across the Strait through various cultural exchange activities.

This time Community Service Team left for Qinghe Primary School in TengChong County, Yunnan for a three-day community service activity from August 23 to 25. These cross-strait university students helped schoolchildren transfer theoretical knowledge learned from textbook to actual practice through lively plays and games. They helped children build good oral hygiene habits through hands-on classroom demonstrations. The schoolchildren had the opportunity to taste Taiwanese traditional pineapple cakes and have fun kicking shuttlecock. The university students served as role models to set a good example for children to follow. During these three days, the team members did their best to instill compassion and knowledge in schoolchildren in hopes that they will grow and develop into responsible adults. After performing community service at two elementary schools, the Volunteer Service Team left for Gaoligong Mountains on Aug 26 and 27 to take part in “Charity Expedition to Gaoligong Mountains”. Team members learned the urgent need to preserve the environment and one’s responsibility by sharing their experiences. They also realized the importance of conserving scarce natural resources by walking through primary forest.

In addition to the participation and promotion from NTU, Peking University and Yunnan University, grants and financial contributions from all over the society have been the greatest support to this community outreach. The Community Service Team would like to express our sincere gratitude to various cultural & educational foundations for their generosity. Several Taiwanese pastry shops donated traditional Taiwanese baked goods for schoolchildren to taste traditional Taiwanese delicacies. The business sponsors are particularly concerned with the dental health of children in Yunnan. The team members appreciate sponsors’ support and generosity, which in turn injecting spirit of giving into community service activities.

Through collaborating and making great efforts and contributions to broaden the scope and deepen the experience of community service, the students from three universities brought this 10-day community service activity to a successful conclusion. NTU team already returned back to Taiwan and is preparing for the next community service project in the 2014 Winter Break with the National Taiwan University, Peking University and Yunnan University Community Service Team. Cross-strait students will again help schoolchildren in Taiwanese mountainous areas build their dreams.

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