Date: 2017/8/8

Hack Together at 2017 HackNTU

The 2017 HackNTU drew to its close at the EXPO Dome of Taipei Expo Park on July 23 after the hackathon teams underwent 43 hours of continuous development and problem solving. Coordinated by HackNTU student organizers, the hackathon featured data science and civic technology this year. After a technical review, 524 out of the 617 applicants were accepted, and 457 out of the accepted applicants registered to become contestants. In addition to the Best Tech Award, the Best Creative Award, and the Best Demo Award offered by the hackathon, seven companies and government agencies prepared their own prizes for the event.

Among the organizations and companies that provided prizes for the event were Hacks in Taiwan Conference (HITCON), the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Information Center of the Council of Agriculture, the Department of Transportation of Taipei City Government, Microsoft, VIA Technologies, and CTBC Financial Holding.

The HackNTU’s Best Creative Award went to the following teams: EATIN, Food Timing, HackNTU Age Wall, Your Flirting Robot, and Smart Guide Robo-Dog. The Best Tech Award went to SigmaGo Smart Guide Robo-Dog, WeShare for Bike Parking Spaces, NBA Sport Updates, Medication Care App, and Food Waste Vendor. The Best Demo Award was won by the following two teams: Weather and Crop Production Prediction for Farmers and Freestyle Helper.

In addition to the directors and representatives of the prize-awarding organizations, NTU Executive Vice President for Academics and Research Tei-Wei Kuo (郭大維) attended the ceremony to award the prizes to the winning teams, and applauded the event organizers for their dedication and achievements.

In her address at the closing ceremony, the event coordinator Ke-Yun Ye (葉克芸) reemphasized the core value of NTUHack—“to think, to hack,” congratulated the participating teams for completing the three-day competition, and stressed the importance of building connections and cooperating with others to foster more innovations.

For more details of the hackathon teams, please visit:

  • VIPs at the opening ceremony of 2017 HackNTU

    VIPs at the opening ceremony of 2017 HackNTU

  • VIPs at the opening ceremony

    VIPs at the opening ceremony

  • VIPs at the opening ceremony

    VIPs at the opening ceremony

  • Winners and VIPs at the closing ceremony

    Winners and VIPs at the closing ceremony

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