Date: 2017/8/21

NTU in Search of a President

The Presidential Search Committee has been formed according to NTU Regulations for the Presidential Search Committee in order to find a new president for NTU. Criteria for presidential candidates, nomination rules, and other related information are as follows:

  1. Presidential Search Committee invites nominations and applications for the position of President after the first meeting of the Committee.
  2. Presidential candidates should meet the following criteria:

    (1)Presidential candidates should abide by the Act of Governing the Appointment of Educators and meet the requirements stipulated in related laws and regulations.

    (2)As stipulated by Article 13 of the NTU Regulations for the Presidential Search Committee, written consent from the nominee should be provided prior to nomination. Presidential candidates should comply with the regulations governing presidential appointments at national universities in Taiwan, as well as conform to the following requirements:

    A.Moral integrity and outstanding academic achievements

    B.Administrative skills in education

    C.Administer matters impartially and beyond the interests of any political groups

    (3)Presidential candidates should consent to fully commit themselves to university affairs during their term of university presidency and should not hold any post in any political party.

  3. Presidential candidates shall be nominated in any of the following ways:

    (1)One nomination jointly signed by 20 or more academicians of Academia Sinica, professors, associate professors, research fellows, associate research fellows (including retired academicians, professors, associate professors, research fellows, associate research fellows) from academic institutions in Taiwan and abroad.

    (2)One nomination submitted by a prestigious professional association or institution.

    (3)One nomination proposed by NTU Alumni Association, any of its chapters around the world, NTU Student Association, or NTU Graduate Student Association.

    (4)One nomination jointly signed by any five or more members from the Presidential Search Committee.

  4. Nominators should provide personal information, education, employment, publication list, and honors and awards of the nominee to the Committee, inclusive of reasons for nomination.
  5. For those who would like to nominate a candidate, please fill in all required forms and deliver them to the address below via registered mail, express mail, or in person before 5 pm on October 2, 2017. Application dossier will not be returned.

NTU Presidential Search Committee
No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road
Taiwan 10617

If you have any inquiries, please call (886)-2-33662035, or fax (886)-2-23629997. The nomination forms can be downloaded from the NTU Presidential Search Website:

  • NTU main gate

    NTU main gate

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