Date: 2018/12/14

Yunlin Triangle to Integrate Educational Resources of NTU, YunTech, and NFU

Initiated by NTU in 2016, Yunlin Triangle is an alliance comprising eminent universities in central Taiwan, namely NTU (Yunlin Branch), National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech), and National Formosa University (NFU). On December 6, the alliance reached another milestone in their coalition, as the heads of the three universities gathered at NTU to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on resource integration to boost their students’ research capacity and competitiveness in Yunlin.

NTU, YunTech, and NFU specialize in different yet complementary research fields, and all boast academic excellence in their individual domains. NTU (Yunlin Branch) is known for its advanced research in medicine and agriculture; YunTech spearheads vocational education in Taiwan, with fruitful results in industry-academia cooperation and industrial services; NFU excels in local empowerment, introduction of industrial resources, and development of industry talents and professionals.

Since the formation of Yunlin Triangle in 2016, the three universities have joined hands to visit Malaysia for student recruitment and participate in the University Expo together. Besides, Yunlin Triangle has collaborated with NTU Experimental Forest to offer joint courses. The continuing exchanges over the past two years have consolidated the friendship between the three universities.

In signing this MoU, the three universities agreed to continue the alliance and take a step further to collaboratively facilitate education, research, and industry development on an equal and reciprocal basis. In the future, they will join hands to share course resources, implement cross-campus course selection, propose industry-government-academia collaboration programs, and coordinate international exchanges and student recruitment. By effectively integrating the resources of the three universities, Yunlin Triangle aims to open up new grounds for the overall development and progress of Yunlin in education, research, and industry.

  • The three universities of Yunlin Triangle signs an MoU to integrate their educational resources.

    (From left) NFU President Wen-Yuh Jywe (覺文郁), NTU Interim President Tei-Wei Kuo (郭大維), and YunTech President Neng-Shu Yang (楊能舒).

  • Group photo of participants.

    Group photo of participants.

  • Address by YunTech President Neng-Shu Yang.

    Address by YunTech President Neng-Shu Yang.

  • Address by NFU President Wen-Yuh Jywe.

    Address by NFU President Wen-Yuh Jywe.

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