Date: 2018/12/21

Book Exhibition on Risk Society: Promoting Interdisciplinary Dialogues

The NTU Risk Society and Policy Research Center (RSPRC), Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library, and Science Media Center, Taiwan co-organized a book exhibition themed “Why Does Risk Society Matter to You” at the Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library from December 3, 2018 to January 2, 2019. The exhibition features a variety of Chinese and English books on risk society, the presentation of research findings about this concept, seminars, a raffle, and a call for book reviews to encourage our faculty, students, and the public to think about what risk means to them.

This exhibition is based on a book purchase project conducted collaboratively by RSPRC and NTU Library. As a continuation of the project, the book exhibition aims to familiarize visitors with the concept of risk society, enabling them to understand the ubiquity of changes and risks today. NTU as the leading university in Taiwan shoulders the responsibility of facilitating sustainability transitions on this island.

Three exhibition areas have been set up, each devoting to different themes and concerns. The first area centers around five topics: risk society, climate change, food safety, air pollution, and sustainability transition. Besides introducing these topics and the seminal books about them, this area also presents RSPRC’s energy information research findings in both text and video, providing visitors with an extensive and in-depth knowledge about risk society.

The second area primarily displays RSPRC’s research findings, publications, and initiatives. As a research platform devoted to knowledge production and diffusion, RSPRC has spent years delving into topics such as risk society, energy transition, risk communication, and air pollution. Moreover, the Center conducts diverse collaborations to disseminate its research findings to a wider audience to encourage discussions about risk society among the public.

RSPRC also interviewed scholars specializing in energy transition, air pollution, and food society on how they conceive of the relationship between risk and these issues, why they have chosen their current fields of study, and what observations they have made about these topics. These interviews are presented in the third exhibition area.

To reach out to more audience, the exhibition also hosts a book seminar every Wednesday during the period and a call for book reviews on 15 recommended books to engage more college students nationwide. Moreover, all participants can take a photo with the mascot of the exhibition, as well as like and check in on the Facebook page of the Center to join a raffle for gift certificates.

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  • Opening of the book exhibition on “Why Does Risk Society Matter to You.”

    Opening of the book exhibition on “Why Does Risk Society Matter to You.”

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