NTU-USC Joint Book Series to Promote International Humanities Publications

Date: 2019/7/10

Image1:(From left to right) Series editors Paul Allen Miller, Chi-She Li, Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu, with USC Press Director Richard Brown.

(From left to right) Series editors Paul Allen Miller, Chi-She Li, Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu, with USC Press Director Richard Brown.

NTU Press has made a major leap in international collaboration. In April, NTU Press and the University of South Carolina Press (USC Press) signed an agreement to collaboratively publish the English-written interdisciplinary book series, East-West Encounters in Literature and Cultural Studies. This book series features language, literature, drama, and cultural studies, covering a wide range of interdisciplinary topics across different periods, including East-West precolonial, postcolonial, modern or contemporary contacts. This project is expected to provide a forum for original research works in Taiwan and abroad.

The three editors of the book series are: Dr. Paul Allen Miller, USC Vice Provost, Director of International Affairs, and Distinguished Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature; Dr. Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu (傅友祥), NTU Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures; and Dr. Chi-She Li (李紀舍), NTU Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Dr. Miller considered this new book series a historic breakthrough for the two great university presses, as well as a new channel for the publication of innovative research works on East-West cultural encounters. He added that the purpose of the books series is not only to explore the reality of East-West interactions, but also to “foster new dialogues, open new horizons, and bring forth a truly global perspective at this critical juncture in world history.”

According to Dr. Fu, this collaborative publication project was made possible after more than two years of negotiation, marking “a significant milestone of bridging East Asian and Anglophone scholarly productions and contributions.” Dr. Li also emphasized the importance of this project and expressed the hope of seeking a global readership across continents.

The first volume in this series, Digitalizing the Global Text: Philosophy, Literature, and Culture, will be jointly published by NTU Press and USC Press in December 2019. Future volumes will include essay collections on cosmopolitanism and global queer sexualities, as well as monographs by single authors.

A call for manuscripts has been announced online. Interested scholars may contact NTU Press or USC Press for submission.

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