Date: 2019/7/25

Professors Receive CIE Outstanding Engineering Professor Award 2019

This year, the Chinese Institute of Engineering (CIE) presented the 2019 Outstanding Engineering Professor Award to 10 professors. Of the 10 awarded professors, two were Prof. An-Yeu (Andy) Wu (吳安宇) of NTU’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Prof. Liang-Jenq Leu (呂良正) of NTU’s Department of Civil Engineering.

Prof. Wu’s research focuses on very large scale integration (VLSI) signal processing, as well as chip implementation and verification. In recent years, his research outcomes have mainly been used in the design of broadband wired/wireless communication integrated circuits. So far, Prof. Wu has obtained 22 US patents, published 82 articles in international journals, and presented 169 papers at international conferences. Also a scholar devoted to international academic services, Prof. Wu is the deputy editor-in-chief of IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems (JETCAS), and has been elected to serve two terms as a Board of Governor member of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

When serving as the chairperson of NTU’s Department of Civil Engineering, Prof. Leu established the curriculum paradigm for hands-on courses that include cornerstone, keystone, and capstone courses. Over the years, this curriculum structure has become a part of the department’s innovative culture. Later in his career, Leu developed a core competency system based on the capstone curriculum via the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan, which has tremendously influenced engineering education in Taiwan and abroad. Prof. Leu embraces innovation and never fears breaking the existing rules to broaden the horizon of the engineering community. He is an engineering scholar with humanities perspectives and a caring heart for people and the society.

  • Profs. An-Yeu (Andy) Wu and Liang-Jenq Leu receive the 2019 CIE Outstanding Engineering Professor Award.

    Profs. An-Yeu (Andy) Wu and Liang-Jenq Leu receive the 2019 CIE Outstanding Engineering Professor Award.

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