NTU’s Response to the Current Situation in Hong Kong

Date: 2019/11/14

Image1:NTU’s response to the current situation in Hong Kong

NTU’s response to the current situation in Hong Kong

In order to respond to the current situation in Hong Kong, National Taiwan University has taken the following measures:

  1. NTU exchange students in Hong Kong: Students have already been contacted and advised to return to Taiwan. NTU and its partner universities will work closely together to provide assistance in terms of students’ academic affairs and additional support.
  2. Taiwanese and other nationality students at universities in Hong Kong: NTU supports students to enroll as visiting students. The NTU Office of International Affairs has actively contacted universities in Hong Kong and students are encouraged to directly contact the Office of International Affairs for inquiry.
  3. NTU is willing to assist our global partners to accept exchange students from our global partners originally headed for Hong Kong to enroll at NTU.

As part of the global academic community, NTU is committed to students’ right for learning. We stand together with our global partners through this difficult time.

Office of International Affairs, NTU
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