Facing the Wuhan Coronavirus

Date: 2020/1/30


Facing the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Facing the Wuhan Coronavirus (as attached, Chinese version only).

To all the NTU colleagues and students:

While facing the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, the University administrator would make the following announcement and require all the faculty, staff, and students follow the required procedures.

A. University Level Anti-infection Measures:

  1. For all the NTU faculty, staff, and students who came back from China Mainland, Hong Kong, or Macao MUST log into the NTU Website for disease control(my.ntu.edu.tw/ntuwdc/default.aspx), and click the “Reporting” to file the questionnaire. In the meantime, please be sure to follow the instructions given by the Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center ( as attached) to administer either self-quarantine or self-health management accordingly.
  2. If you have visited China Mainland Hubei Province, please conduct self-quarantine for 14 days and be sure no physical contact with other people within this time frame. Once there is coughing or fever, please call 1922 government infection control hotline or NTU Health Center: 3366-2156 (office hours 8 AM to 5 PM) or Campus Safety Center 3366-9119 (24 hrs.). During this quarantine period, you are not permitted to go outside for any reason including the class.
  3. All the faculty, staff, and students shall frequently wash hands. Once you have the symptom of flu, such as fever or coughing, please wear surgical mask all the time especially when go to public space.
  4. Hand Sanitizer should be placed at all offices, classrooms, public spaces, dormitories, restaurants, and restrooms, etc. Special attention of sanitizing should be given to locations and places such as elevators, stairway handrails, desk top, and computer keyboard, etc.
  5. Before the official announcement of terminating this disease, any large-scale exams in campus shall require all the participants (employers and students) must wear surgical masks. In addition, the hand sanitizer must be equipped in the classrooms.
  6. For the Campus Health Center:
    (1) Set-up a fever inspection station outside of the center.
    (2) All people who enter the Health Center shall wear surgical mask.
    (3) Please do not enter Health Center, if not for seeing doctor or other official business.
    (4) Information such as traveling, occupation, and public contact histories should be collected during patients’ clinic visit.
    (5) Keep close attention to CDC’s latest announcement and adopt the appropriate actions and inform the whole university body.
  7. The 1st and 2nd administrative levels shall assign designated persons as point of contact for information collection and communication.

B. Student Housing Division:

  1. Set-up the contact measures and collect the information of students who have traveled to China mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao before checking in student dormitory for the spring semester.
  2. Dormitory supervisor shall take the responsibilities to supervise students who have traveled to China mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao before checking in student dormitory. For students who have traveled to Hubei Province must conduct 14-day self-quarantine in the single-room, others are permitted to go out while giving pre-notice to dormitory supervisor; however, they still have to conduct self-health management for 14 days.
  3. Students who have traveled to Hubei Province and have symptom of fever or coughing please call 1922 government infection control hotline, Health Center: 3366-2156 (office hours 8 AM to 5 PM), or Campus Safety Center 3366-9119 (24 hrs.) and follow the instruction. Please also call the dormitory supervisor. Do NEVER leave dormitory by yourself for seeing a doctor.

C. Campus Safety Center

  1. Keep close contact to Campus Health Center and update the dynamic information regarding this matter.
  2. Keep updated information about the self-quarantine students and keep contact with student guardians and related departments.

Campus Health Center:3366-2156 (Office hours,8AM – 5PM)
Campus Safety Center:3366-9119 (24hr)

Let us work together for fighting the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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