Date: 2020/7/27

NTU Women’s Volleyball Team Wins 2nd Straight Championship

The final of the University Volleyball League for the 2019/2020 academic year was hosted recently by National Central University, with NTU and National Taichung University of Science and Technology (NTCUST) vying as contenders for the championship title. After a fierce back-and-forth battle, the NTU Women’s Volleyball Team won the set 3 to 1, successfully retaining the title from the previous year.

The NTU Women’s Volleyball Team passed the preliminaries with flying colors and advanced to the quarter-finals as the top team of the group. Although the schedule for the quarter-finals was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the quarter-finals were finally held in late June on NTU campus. With home court advantage, the team took every match by storm and reached the final set. Looking back at the 10-month long season, even though the team faced endless waiting and the possibility that the matches would be cancelled altogether, they did not give up hope. Instead, they kept up their training schedule to stay at the top of their game. Captain Li-An Lin (林俐安) also encouraged everyone to hang in there and stay prepared. The long season certainly brought the players the additional pressure of needing to juggle training and studies, but their resilience and determination truly shined through.

Associate Prof. Wan-Chen Lu (呂宛蓁), the coach from NTU’s Athletic Department, said, “It is a common goal for every player to make it to the court, and we succeeded this year.” The victory was a result of the starting lineup doing their utmost best, supported by the timely efforts of the substitute players. Associate Prof. Lin-Huan Hu (胡林煥), the coach from the Athletic Department, also stressed that the spectators worked together with the players. The match was not just about the players’ skills, but also about the vibe everyone in the stadium gave off.

The team remains grateful to the group of specialists from NTU’s School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy for offering injury prevention and rehabilitation to the players. From Kinesio taping prior to the match, personalized training agenda, to post-match massages, the specialists helped the players maximize their capabilities on the court. The generous assistance from team officials, the manager, and alumni was also greatly appreciated. Without them, victory would not have been possible.

The NTU Women’s Volleyball Team has won numerous titles in its 30 years of history, and it is the team’s fondest hope that the latest win will encourage more students to enter the courts and start playing volleyball!

This article is also featured in No. 79 of NTU Highlights (August 2020).

Championship Live steam:

  • Image 1861_20200727_1

    NTU Women’s Volleyball Team wins the 2nd straight championship.

  • Image 1861_20200727_2

    Tao Pui Yin (陶姵延), 2nd-year graduate student of the Department of Animal Science and Technology, is honored with the title of MVP.

  • Image 1861_20200727_3

    Team players huddle at each point earned.

  • Image 1861_20200727_4

    Captain Li-An Lin enters the court.

  • Image 1861_20200727_5

    The coaches have always been supportive to the players.

  • Image 1861_20200727_6

    Setter Ro-Hsin Wang (王若馨) sets a ball.

  • Image 1861_20200727_7

    Team players huddle at each point earned.

  • Image 1861_20200727_8

    NTU students cheer for the team.

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