Date: 2021/1/25

Response Measures Following Taoyuan Cluster Infection

In response to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s (MOHW) January 24 expansion of home isolation measures tracing back to people in contact with the confirmed cases at the Taoyuan General Hospital (TGH), the University is calling for your attention if you fit the following description in relation to the cluster infection incident that occurred at the TGH between January 6 and 19.

  1. Discharged patients and those living with patients;
  2. People accompanying patients at the hospital and those living with them; and
  3. People in contact with the confirmed case #889 while during the latter’s medical treatment

NTU students and colleagues that fit the above description will be required to undergo home isolation for 14 days following discharge/departure from the TGH. This will be followed by the seven-day self-health management.

In addition, NTU is asking all of its students and colleagues having visited the TGH’s outpatient or emergency department for medical treatment since January 6, or medical staff members of the TGH’s outpatient or emergency department to undergo self-health management for 14 days following the date of last contact at the hospital.

NTU students and colleagues having had the abovementioned contact at the TGH should not only abide by the MOHW’s requirement for home isolation and self-health management but also file a report via the "Reporting system for personnel under home isolation, home quarantine, and self-health management" at the NTU Website for Disease Control (

While filing a report, please scroll down the “Reporting type” and select “Taoyuan General Hospital cluster infection incident” (already preset) and fill out at least some fields of the “Departure” and “Entry” information (the system requires some, if not all, of the blanks filled).

NTU students and colleagues affected by the incident and required to undergo home isolation must not leave their residences or places of isolation within the 14-day period. If affected and required to implement self-health management, please do not go to the University for work or classes during such period. General visitors to NTU having had the abovementioned contact at the TGH must not enter the University campus during home isolation or self-health management.

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    NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message – NTU Response Measures Regarding Expansion of Home Isolation Policies Following Cluster Infection Incident at Taoyuan General Hospital.

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