Date: 2022/4/13

Updated Pandemic Response to the Courses over 80 Students or without Social Distancing since April 18

In response to the current epidemic situation, courses with enrollment of 80 students or above, or appropriate social distancing-2.25 square meters/person-can’t be kept (referred to the Ministry of Educations Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of COVID-19 for Higher Education in the academic year 2021/2022) shall be switched to distance teaching since Monday, April 18, 2022. All instructors and students are required to be in accordance with the ensuing measures; please also note that, these measures are subject to change in tallying with the latest announcement of the CECC:

  1. If the course is taught in person, it must be handled in accordance with the following specifications:
    1)The number of students in the classroom shall not exceed 80, and the classroom roll call shall be implemented. Eating and drinking shall be prohibited throughout the classroom.
    2)Instructors are not required to wear masks during class, but they must keep social distancing or have appropriate partition, and students must wear masks throughout the course.
    3)Classrooms should be ventilated well and cleaned regularly.
    4)If the appropriate physical space can’t be kept, please switch to distance teaching.
  2. If an instructor or student is screened as the confirmed case, the in-person class in which they teach/study and their contact(s) should be suspended for 1 to 3 days (depending on the epidemic investigation and tracking), and switched to distance teaching. Below please refer to the guideline for the suspension and resumption of in-person course:
    1)In-person classes can be resumed if there is no close contact of the confirmed instructor and student in the class.
    2)If there is close contact of confirmed instructor and student, the close contact is required to be isolated at home and screened, and the in-person course must be suspended. If the screening results of the close contact are all negative, the course can be resumed as the in-person one.3)If there are one-third or above in-person courses suspended for 10 days, all courses around the University shall be switched to distance teaching.
  3. If there are students who are unable to go through immigration due to the epidemic, or unable to attend the class or take exams due to isolation, instructors are required to record digital courses and provide students with learning in either synchronous or asynchronous method to ensure that there is no interruption in students’ learning; instructors are also recommended to adopt make-up exams or other flexible remedial measures, based on the essence of the course, to ensure that students’ learning rights can be kept intact without being affected by the epidemic.
  4. Instructors and teaching assistants can refer to the following URL for useful information for distance teaching; instructors can also browse through the website of Digital Learning Center ( if having any questions concerning teaching digitalization.1)NTU COOL digital teaching platform (, which has built a "Course Digital Treasure Box" ( TA Training Course (
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    Updated Pandemic Response to the courses over 80 students or without social distancing since April 18

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