Date: 2022/5/5

All Courses to Be Switched to Distance Teaching Mode From May 9

A comprehensive plan of two-week distance teaching mode will be applied to all courses (including experimental, practicum, and hands-on courses) from May 9 (Monday) as the drill in prevention measure of epidemic. If in-person course is imperative, please fill out the application form for the Office of Academic Affairs’ approval. The five classroom buildings managed by the University: Gongtong, Putong, Xinsheng, Boya, and Zonghe Classroom Building are only accessible for instructors and teaching assistants to transcribe their courses during the aforementioned spell. Students are prohibited from entering these classroom buildings to reduce the risk of cluster infection. Relevant coping measures will be adjusted flexibly according to the latest announcement of the CECC.

If it’s inevitable run in-person experimental or hands-on courses, appropriate social distancing shall be planned and ushered in; instructors and students must wear masks exactly in the laboratory. Instructors are advised to adopt distance or online teaching as much as possible. Final exam is strongly recommended to be taken online in principle. If on-site exam is adopted, other flexible alternatives should be provided for students who can’t attend the exam, such as providing online exam, submitting reports, to name but a few, to ensure these students’ rights and interests.

Instructors can upload their lecture videos to NTU COOL for asynchronous distance learning and online testing; also, U-Meeting is linked to NTU COOL, allowing course members to participate in the video conference by real name for teaching and course assessment. As for final exam, the University provides mechanisms for conducting online testing, online oral reporting, peer assessment and online drills. Please refer to the attached document in preparation for such eventualities.

To record the lectures, instructors can utilize video recording software such as EverCam or OBS. Instructors can also apply for automatic recording system installed in Zonghe and Gongtong Classroom Buildings to record the lectures. Instructors can browse through the website of Digital Learning Center if having any questions concerning teaching digitalization.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

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    All Courses to Be Switched to Distance Teaching Mode from May 9.

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