Former Residence of Prof. Jing-Nong Tai Revitalized

Date: 2023/1/4


The restoration of the former residence of Prof. Jing-Nong Tai is almost complete.

The restoration of the former residence of Prof. Jing-Nong Tai is nearly complete.

With the support of the family members of Prof. Tai, relevant cultural relics used during his lifetime are displayed in the newly renovated Jing-Nong Tai Culture Center.

Under the leadership of Executive Vice President Chiapei Chou on the restoration project of the former residence of Professor Jing-Nong Tai, NTU has successfully transformed this historical place into a one-of-a-kind cultural landscape—Jing-Nong Tai Culture Center. NTU gave a thorough guided tour to those who generously donated to the restoration project, showing its gratitude for the time, effort, and money spent on this meaningful and remarkable feat.

Partnered with Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs, NTU revitalized and constructed this brand-new art and cultural platform with a generous donation of more than TWD 27 million. In the future, this place will serve as both a cultural center and a lecture hall, becoming a rich cultural and historical landscape in the area surrounding Wenzhou Street, Dingzhou Road, and Roosevelt Road.

Rather than simply preserving the structure itself, NTU turned the former residence of Prof. Tai into a historical building that commemorates its humanistic spirit. President Kuan expressed his gratitude for all the support NTU had received during the restoration process. Jing-Nong Tai Culture Center will soon be open to the public. In the future, this memorial building will also host art and literature courses and lectures to connect with the surrounding communities as an arts and humanities platform.

Visit the website of “Former Residence of Jing-Nong Tai” Restoration and Revitalization Project organized by NTU’s Office of Financial Affairs: https://ntufinance.wixsite.com/ntuhistoricbuildings/%E8%87%BA%E9%9D%9C%E8%BE%B2%E6%95%85%E5%B1%85

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