NTU 2023 Spring Festival Ceremony

Date: 2023/1/31

Image1:NTU 2023 Spring Festival Ceremony

NTU 2023 Spring Festival Ceremony

At the beginning of 2023, the Year of the Rabbit, NTU held a ceremony on January 31, inviting former Presidents and current President Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) along with other honorable guests to celebrate the Spring Festival. During the event, Chung-Ching Chen (陳崇青), doctoral student from the Graduate Institute of Musicology, and Musician Sayun Chang (張幼欣) were invited to perform two songs with liuqin and percussion instruments. The repertoire of Amis music and Brazilian music was perfectly interpreted, and their powerful performance expressed gratitude for the past and expectations for the future.

In the opening remarks, President Chen wished all NTUers good health, safety, and fruitful harvests this year. He also shared his new plan for the University affairs to be implemented this year. First, he is planning on a renovation project of the campus buildings and dormitories. Second, he promised to strive for the funding of the Higher Education Sprout Project, as well as funding from the National Science and Technology Council and corporations in industry. By enlisting the participation of partner universities and the impact of the industry and foundations, NTU can effectively enhance its research visibility and internationalize our research centers. In addition, NTU will find resources to assist its colleges in setting up more distinguished chair professorships or increase funds for recruiting talents.

In terms of student learning, President Chen will continue to implement the Future University programs. He also aims to launch career exploration courses so that students can find their directions during their freshman and sophomore. In addition, NTU will also strengthen ties with international universities by increasing interactions between NTU students and international students.

In the aspect of alumni connection, the staff of the NTU Alumni Center has been expanded to further strengthen the relationship with the alumni associations of various departments in the University. The “NTU Outstanding Alumni Association” will also be established to encourage 200 alumni to assist in NTU's future development. In response to the upcoming NTU centennial celebration in 2028, NTU will select the 100 most significant achievements every year, including major achievements in academic research or significant contributions to society.

The wonderful spring festival event ended with laughter of all the attendees and warm wishes from all six NTU presidents. They wished everyone good health, good luck and prosperity in the new year.

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