Congratulations! Prof. Hsin-Chih Lin Winning the 2022 Hou Chin-Tui Distinguished Honor Award

Date: 2023/2/22


Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp. Honorary Chairman Earle J. S. Ho (侯貞雄)(middle) and Chairman & CEO Henry C. T. Ho (侯傑騰)(left) presenting the award to Prof. Hsin-Chih Lin (林新智)(right).

Group photo taken at the 2022 Hou Chin-Tui Distinguished Honor Award Ceremony.

Congratulations! Prof. Hsin-Chih Lin (林新智) from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering won the 2022 Hou Chin-Tui Distinguished Honor Award. Established in 1991, this award is supported by Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp. and the THS Foundation. There have been 18 faculty members from the NTU College of Engineering who were conferred this award.

The research focus of Prof. Lin’s team is to develop the high performance alloys and surface technologies for applications in areas of transportation vehicles, 3C products and functional coatings. Prof. Lin puts great efforts into creating a science and technology base in quantitative relations among the material processing, microstructural parameters, macroscopic mechanical response and/or functional properties of various advanced engineering alloys. Currently, Prof. Lin and his team are conducting experimental work to study the strengthening mechanisms, deformation and fatigue behaviors of high-strength aluminum alloys. Various advanced coating techniques, including atomic layer deposition, magnetron sputtering and micro arc oxidation, are used to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of magnesium alloys. They are also investigating the Fe-based shape memory alloys, high-capacity hydrogen storage alloys and the delay fracture of advanced ultra-high-strength martensitic steels.

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