Congratulations! Prof. Lou Pei-Jen receives 2023 National Excellent Teacher Award

Date: 2023/8/9

Image1:Dr. Lou Pei-Jen, Distinguished Professor of the School of Medicine and Vice Superintendent of NTUH, receives 2023 National Excellent Teacher Award.

Dr. Lou Pei-Jen, Distinguished Professor of the School of Medicine and Vice Superintendent of NTUH, receives 2023 National Excellent Teacher Award.

Dr. Lou Pei-Jen, the current Vice Superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) and a Distinguished Professor at the School of Medicine, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University (NTU), earned his Ph.D. from the Department and Graduate Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology of NTU. He was promoted to the position of professor in 2011 and was awarded the title of Distinguished Professor in 2022. His expertise lies in the fields of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and Cell Biology.

Dr. Lou's clinical proficiency and academic research capabilities have been consistently outstanding. He has pioneered innovative surgical techniques on multiple occasions and has received numerous awards for teaching excellence, including Distinguished Teaching Award three times and Outstanding Teaching Award four times. His dedication to teaching has been widely acknowledged, and his recent receipt of the 2023 National Excellent Teacher Award of MOE is a verification to his well-deserved recognition.

Emphasizing the foundational development of medical professionals and the inheritance of clinical skills, Vice Superintendent Lou focuses on simplifying intricate medical knowledge into practical wisdom during the physician training process. His teaching approach transforms "textbook knowledge into practical understanding," igniting the spark of knowledge and opening the doors to scientific research. He stresses that the power of knowledge lies not in memorization but in practical application. Dr. Lou places significance on the integration of theory and practice. For instance, in teaching anatomy and embryology, he employs vivid and lively teaching methods to help students grasp the importance and meaning of learning basic medicine, stimulating their motivation and passion for the specialized field.

Whether in academics, research, or clinical skills, Dr. Lou believes in sharing knowledge wholeheartedly and listens to and respects students' perspectives and opinions. He believes that only through such constructive interactions can both the students and he himself grow and improve.

Given the vast and rapidly evolving landscape of medical knowledge, Dr. Lou has consistently pondered how to convey timely and crucial information to students, motivate them to learn, and ignite their enthusiasm for the specialized field. He notes that while his teaching methods and course content have evolved slightly over the past 16 years, his unwavering passion and teaching philosophy remain constant. He asserts that the most challenging aspect of medical education in Taiwan currently is the lack of humanities education, encompassing literature, history, fine arts, and music. He advocates for the cultivation of students' humanistic qualities, believing that internalizing these qualities will allow doctors to empathize with patients.

After receiving the award, Vice Superintendent Lou expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be a teacher at the NTU School of Medicine, where students are exceptionally bright and quick to grasp concepts. However, he acknowledges that it also tests his abilities in various dimensions, as any errors or insufficient preparation can be challenged by students.

In conclusion, Vice Superintendent Lou expressed his gratitude for the chance to grow alongside excellent students at the school. When discussing his expectations for students and their future careers, he stated, "I hope that students will become compassionate doctors who can provide warmth to patients when they are most vulnerable and in need of help. All medical practices should not only serve the patients but also satisfy our conscience. I also hope that my students will continue to pass on this enthusiasm and compassion."

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