Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu receives 2024 George E. Pake Prize

Date: 2023/11/1

Image1:NTU Alumni Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu receives the George E. Pake Prize.

NTU Alumni Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu receives the George E. Pake Prize.

NTU Alumni and Distinguished Chair Professor for Research Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu has been awarded the 2024 George E. Pake Award, in recognition of his work as a physicist combining original research accomplishments with leadership in the management of research and development in industry. NTU and its faculty and students congratulate Dr. Lu for his remarkable achievement.

The Prize was originally endowed by Xerox Corporation in 1983 in recognition of the outstanding achievements of George E. Pake, as a research physicist and a director of industrial research. It will be presented biennially in even-numbered years.

Dr. Lu has extensive experience in both academia and industry. He graduated from the NTU Department of Physics in 1972 and obtained a Ph. D in Physics from Columbia University in 1977. After leading research projects at AT&T Bell Labs, he was recruited to join Taiwan's ERSO/ITRI (Electronic Research & Service Organization/Industrial Technology Research Institute) as Deputy General Director. He later went on to implement the largest and most ambitious National R&D Project "Submicron Project" ever undertaken in Taiwan and successfully transformed Taiwan into a powerful high-tech economy by developing the first 8-inch world-class high-density DRAM manufacturing technology and setting the stage for the Taiwan IC industry. "Submicron Project" then became Vanguard International Semiconductor Company in 1994. At that time, Chih-Yuan Lu was the co-founder and Vice President of Vanguard. He is now the President of Macronix International Co., Ltd. and the Chairman of Ardentec Corporation. Dr. Lu was selected to receive NTU Distinguished Alumni Award in 2010.

Dr. Lu has accumulated a vast body of work over the years. He published over 500 scientific and technical publications as well as more than 160 granted invention patents. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics (IEEE), the American Physical Society (APS), as well as the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). He received the Presidential Science Prize in 2021, among countless other honors throughout his career. As a true innovator, Dr. Lu has successfully applied his research findings to the industry and played vital roles on all fronts, including governments, academia, and research institutes, that led to the rapid growth of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan.

More information about George E. Pake Prize: https://www.aps.org/programs/honors/prizes/pake.cfm

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