Date: 2017/6/23

NTU Students Win 1st and 2nd Prizes in Youth Housing Competition

The Youth Housing Competition organized by the Urban and Rural Development Department of New Taipei City reached its climax on May 27 when the top five prizes were announced and awarded. Students from Stanley Wang D-School@NTU won the 1st prize with a design based on wood pallets, and students from the NTU Graduate Institute of Building and Planning won the 2nd prize with a modular system design.

Open to teams composed of members aged 18-45 in mid-February, the competition drew 148 design projects from 44 departments in 29 colleges and universities. The shortlisted five candidates must realize their youth housing designs in a space of 9 pings (29.8 m2).

The design presented by the team from Stanley Wang D-School@NTU was based on the belief that “everyone should be given the opportunity to create his/her own living space.” In the user-centered design, the team made furniture making as simple as assembling ready-made wood pallets. This mechanism enabled users to comprehend the space they inhabit, and picture a living environment they need.

“We hope the space we design feels like a home for everyone to stay and engage in. We will make our idea a reality. After all, when we build our places, we are building our own lifestyles and defining our lives,” said the team leader Yu-Chun Liu (劉佑群).

  • Prize-winning students

    Prize-winning students

  • Prize-winning students

    Prize-winning students

  • First prize certificate

    First prize certificate

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