Date: 2017/10/17

NTU Students Benefit from the Course “Psychology & Life: From a Fresh Start”

"Psychology & Life: From a Fresh Start" was initiated by Dean of the College of Science, Prof. Shiuh-Tzung Liu (劉緒宗). Prof. Liu has been deeply concerned about the psychological well-being of students. He reflected on whether students are given an opportunity to learn to grow psychologically while pursuing knowledge and developing intellectually. Moreover, he pondered if NTU has any course that offers students a chance to enhance their self-understanding, accept the way they are, face their emotions, interact with others, become mature individuals and responsible citizens, and keep growing as life goes on. Prof. Liu shared his concerns with Associate Dean of the College of Science Keng-Chen Liang (梁庚辰), a professor from the Department of Psychology. After a series of discussion, the new course “Psychology & Life: From a Fresh Start” was conceived and later launched in this semester. It is hoped that this course gives students a chance to apply psychological theories and knowledge to their lives to enhance their psychological well-being.

This course covers a wide range of topics, including (1) getting to know myself, my family, and I; (2) living with my moods and emotions; (3) interacting with others; (4) empathy in communication; (5) I and me; (6) my career and future. For each topic, the instructor would first introduce related theories and research in psychology, and then conduct small-group discussions. The group discussions provide a unique platform for students to gain self-awareness, discover individual differences, treasure their own uniqueness, and learn to respect others’ privacy and points of view. Children’s picture books relevant to the course content will also be presented. Students enrolled are expected to actively participate in class with an open mind to explore, think, share, listen, gain insight into his/her inner self, and learn to enjoy a lifelong journey of growing both psychologically and intellectually.

  • Prof. Li-Jen Weng (翁儷禎) is teaching the course.

    Prof. Li-Jen Weng (翁儷禎) is teaching the course.

  • Group discussions in class.

    Group discussions in class.

  • Prof. Yei-Yu Yeh (葉怡玉) is teaching the course.

    Prof. Yei-Yu Yeh (葉怡玉) is teaching the course.

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