Date: 2020/3/17

Distance Learning Begins on April 6 for Courses of 100 Students or More

Due to escalating coronavirus concerns worldwide, NTU will upgrade its epidemic preventive measures again. Starting from April 6, all courses enrolled by 100 students or more (experiments, practicums, and hands-on courses not included) will move to distance learning. Departments or instructors offering these courses will inform the students of the exact starting dates of online instruction.

Besides recording and uploading lectures to NTU COOL, instructors will also gain access to U Webinar and U Meeting for synchronous online discussion. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve, it is possible that all courses, regardless of size, may have to move to distance learning when circumstances require it. Instructors and students alike may need to anticipate this move and plan ahead.

The Digital Learning Center of the Office of Academic Affairs has also moved its TA training & certification online, offering a “Digital TA Training Package” for all TAs of this semester. TAs of courses with 100 or more enrollments should complete the online training and certification before March 20. To ensure students’ right to education, we will need to make the most of online resources to guarantee that learning continues regardless of the coronavirus spread.

Digital TA Training Package:
Distance Learning Instructions & Info:

  • Distance learning begins on April 6 for courses of 100 students or more.

    Distance learning begins on April 6 for courses of 100 students or more.

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