NTU Holds Appreciation Tea Party to Honor Donors

Date: 2020/7/10


Group photo with the donors.

Mr. Mau-Nan Chu (朱茂男; right), Chairman of Holding Disp.

Mr. Chenpang Wu (吳正邦; right), Chairman of CH Biotech.

Ms. Kate Liao (廖尉君; right), Micron’s Managing Director of Public Affairs in Taiwan.

Mr. William Pan (盤文龍; right), Chairman of EBM Technologies.

Mr. Chiao-Chang Huang (黃教漳; right), President of Chongde Industrial Research and Development Foundation.

Ms. Da-Rong Hsieh (謝大容; right) of Shun Yi.

Mr. Chiao-Chang Huang writes down his reasons for making the donation to NTU.

Group photo taken at the appreciation tea party.

On July 1, 2020, NTU hosted an appreciation tea party to celebrate the substantial support of its donors. The generosity of the donors has made it possible for the university to maintain its outstanding performance in all fields. President Chung-Ming Kuan (管中閔) attended the event to show the university’s gratitude to each of the donors. President Kuan mentioned the long-established tradition of giving to schools in the West, as well as how this custom is growing in Taiwan, which greatly benefits education institutions. He quoted Mencius’s famous saying, “If poor, they attend to their own virtue in solitude; if advanced to dignity, they made the whole kingdom virtuous, as well,” highlighting the fact that alumni and non-alumni donors alike are changing and helping the world with their benevolent contributions. He offered his heartfelt thanks and respect to the donors on behalf of the school and expressed his hopes to see more individuals, organizations, and companies show their support for NTU. At the appreciation tea party, donors were invited to share their reasons for making the donations; most of them expressed their sincere hope to help NTU, the top-ranked university of Taiwan, remain dedicated to excellence in teaching and cultivating talents that can contribute to society.

Among the donors attending the appreciation tea party were representatives from Micron Foundation, Shun Yih, EBM Technologies, Holding Disp, CH Biotech, Chongde Industrial Research and Development Foundation, BIONET, as well as Ms. Nancy C. Nee (汲宇荷). The donations were made for different purposes, including professorships, scholarships, research funds, patent applications, and endowments. President Kuan sincerely thanked all the donors for their generous contributions and substantial support for NTU.

To plan and raise funds for advancing teaching, research, and the construction of facilities on campus, the Office of Development was established in August 2019 under the Office of Financial Affairs, with a mission to reinforce NTU’s position as a prestigious higher education institution. The office is also charged with the role of strengthening outreach, facilitating large sum donations from private entities and foundations, and helping donors to access NTU’s research resources. Besides the general donations used for teaching, construction, research, and scholarships, the Office of Development is also raising funds for a campus tree-care program to protect the 40 hectares of greenery on campus. During the Japanese colonial period, NTU served as a botanical garden featuring various precious tropical plants. Now, hundreds of these trees are under municipal protection due to their heritage value. In addition to routine maintenance, NTU has been working with experts to provide tree health assessments and fertilization. Through the symbolic adoption of trees, it is hoped that the money raised to protect campus trees can be further used to prevent insect and disease problems while at the same time beautifying the campus.

This article is also featured in No. 79 of NTU Highlights (August 2020).

Giving to NTU : https://giving.ntu.edu.tw/index.aspx?lang=EN

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