Date: 2020/8/25

Helping Children in Need: NTU GMBA Gives Back amid COVID-19 Crisis

Amid the recent COVID-19 outbreak, NTU GMBA Program partnered with the Yun Yun Charity Promotion Association to raise funds for the mentally-challenged children in Taoyuan who have been most affected by the pandemic.

While most of us can still go about our daily lives by attending classes remotely or trying bold, new recipes at home, many have faced difficulties in meeting the most basic of needs. In an effort to help the people in need, NTU GMBA students ran a fundraising campaign and raised almost NT$25,000 over the span of one week, well over the initial goal of NT$20,000. The Tai-Fu Startup Association, a society devoted to the research and development of entrepreneurship and startups among NTU students and alumni, also pledged an additional NT$10,000 when the goal was reached. We are proud of GMBA students for their generosity during these uncertain times.

If you are considering donating to the cause and helping the kids with your kindness, please find more information on the website of the Yuan Yuan Charity Promotion Association:

(Source: Vanessa Kwok [郭家驊], 1st-year student of NTU GMBA Program)

  • Image 1869_20200825_1

    GMBA students share their love with children in need.

  • Image 1869_20200825_2

    GMBA Student Council members take a group photo with Chairman of the Yun Yun Charity Promotion Association.

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