Date: 2020/11/23

NTU Celebrated Its 92nd Anniversary

At its 92nd anniversary celebration ceremony, NTU granted honorary doctorates to Bruce C.H. Cheng (鄭崇華), founder and honorary chairman of Delta Group, and Jensen Huang (黃仁勳), founder and CEO of NVIDIA, as well as presented awards to eight distinguished alumni and outstanding students. Furthermore, NTU unveiled its new logo symbolizing the transformation and prospect of NTU.

During his address at the ceremony, President Chung-Ming Kuan (管中閔) mentioned the importance of university social responsibility, explaining how NTU dedicates itself to increasing the number of disadvantaged students through the NTU Hope Program. A similar new program, “NTU without Borders”, will also be launched to open up more opportunities for high school students from rural areas to study at NTU, in the hope that they could change their lives and be able to give back to their hometown in the future.

President Kuan also said that NTU is resolute in reorienting itself to adapt to the future trend of higher education. The Future NTU Talks held on November 18 was where NTU presented its philosophies and plans for future education, which will aim to reform the ossified system to create a more friendly environment for students to explore and develop their own interests and potentials so that they could find learning meaningful and fulfill life’s purpose.

For the recent tragedy of student suicides, President Kuan explained that NTU had established a project team to step up emergency measures, including setting up a counseling line and a Care Center to provide students with counseling resources. He also said that starting next week, the project team will enter into thorough discussions to reflect on the possible factors causing these incidents and to hear from teachers and students for drawing up new prevention and protection measures to strengthen NTU’s student counseling services.

Learned from his own experience, President Kuan said that he understood how the invisible wounds of mental trauma could deeply hurt a person and therefore urged students with such struggles to seek professional help. He also pointed out the importance of supports from families, classmates, and teachers for mental recovery and said that the Support Group founded two days ago by the Department of Sociology and the candlelight vigil held last night were both practical ways to show support. As a big family, NTU members always care for and support each other. At NTU, “no one should, and no one will be left behind”, said President Kuan.

At the ceremony, in addition to conferring honorary doctorates on Bruce C.H. Cheng and Jensen Huang, NTU also presented Distinguished Alumni Award to eight alumni: Man-houng Lin (林滿紅), Winston Ho (何文壽), B.H. Fred Juang (莊炳湟), Wufu Chen (陳五福), Jui-Hsiang Lin (林瑞祥), Taiyin Yang (楊台瑩), Jack Sun (孫元成), and Yi-Chun Lo (羅一鈞).

As for the various student awards presented this year, Social Devotion Special Awards went to Wen-Yi Wang (王文宜) of the Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing, College of Medicine, who perfectly exemplified the altruistic spirit, and Global Health and Service-Learning Club, as well as the students who had developed the automatic forehead thermometer, Protection No 1, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Outstanding Youths Awards and Outstanding Student Scholarship were presented to students who performed exceedingly well academically. NTU also awarded outstanding high school students Fu Bell Scholarship to encourage them to study at NTU.

At the close of the ceremony, NTU officially unveiled its new logo and premiered the first promotional video of NTU to show how the school developed over the years and its bright outlook. The performances staged by NTU symphony orchestra and NTU chorus during the ceremony also richly embodied NTU’s spirits of “critical thinking, connection, and influence” and its diverse, free, and innovative culture. From now on, the new NTU logo will join with the original emblem that symbolizes NTU’s traditions and legacy to enrich and enhance the global image of NTU.

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    NTU granted eight honorary doctorates and various awards to distinguished alumni and students at its 92nd anniversary celebration ceremony.

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    President Chung-Ming Kuan granting an honorary doctorate to Bruce C.H.Cheng (鄭崇華), founder and honorary chairman of Delta Group.

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    President Chung-Ming Kuan granting an honorary doctorate to Jensen Huang (黃仁勳), founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

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    NTU students performing at the ceremony.

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