Date: 2021/2/4

NTU Thanks the Good Liver Foundation for Collaborating to Protect Health of NTU Staff

NTU Faculty Under High Physical and Mental Stress, Health and Wellness Checks Provided by Good Liver Foundation

Since its founding, National Taiwan University has been a leading higher education institution, but has also always faced various challenges. As we enter the rapidly changing 21st century, front-line faculty members at NTU are faced with the pressures and responsibilities of facing international competition, educational changes, and research innovation, among other difficulties. Ever since he took office, President Kuan Chung-ming (管中閔) has been concerned about the physical and mental health of his NTU colleagues, and is committed to creating a good working environment and actively promoting projects to protect all facets of their health.

The mission of the Good Liver Foundation is to protect the health of the people of Taiwan, and as most of the Foundation's staff members were trained at NTU, they feel obliged to care for the health of NTU colleagues and give back to their alma mater. Thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of the NTU alumni and the compassionate support of friends at Good Liver, funds have been raised to protect the health of NTU faculty and staff. A four-year, TWD $20 million annual "Good Liver Foundation Health Screening Program to Give Back to NTU Faculty and Staff" program is expected to launch in 2021, which will provide comprehensive health examination services for an estimated 3,600 faculty and staff.

Health Exam Service Officially Launches, Many Witness the Act of Benevolence

On February 3rd, 2021, President Kuan and Professor Jin-Chuan Sheu (許金川), Chairman of the Good Liver Foundation, publicly signed a memorandum of cooperation on behalf of both parties in the presence of distinguished guests, announcing the official launch of the health examination service.

During the ceremony, President Kuan stated, "I am extremely grateful to the Good Liver Foundation, NTU alumni, and compassionate people in the community for their acts of kindness. The impact of the physical and mental health conditions on NTU teachers and colleagues is an issue of great concern to the University. This year (2021), NTU began to promote a whole-person care services plan for faculty and staff, and I especially thank the Good Liver Foundation for consenting to support the health examination services program. We hope that through this program, we can help our colleagues actively understand their health conditions, take early action, and carry out self-health management to achieve the goals of whole-person health and development."

Professor Jin-Chuan Sheu, Chairman of the Good Liver Foundation, expressed, "This charitable healthcare is pioneering work in Taiwan, and the Good Liver Foundation anticipates that this collaborative project will be of great benefit. We hope to raise more funds so that our target of care can extend to retired professors and give rise to community response, allowing educators who bear heavy responsibilities to obtain quality healthcare. We hope for the Foundation to realize its mission of caring for the health of the people of Taiwan, create new models of charitable healthcare, and achieve the goal of 'with goodwill, good health for all,' reaching another milestone in Taiwan's healthcare."

National Taiwan University and the Good Liver Foundation Innovate Whole-Person Care

NTU values the physical and mental health of its faculty and staff, and this year launched a whole-person care services plan, which combines services provided by more than ten campus units with resources from outside the University to provide comprehensive support to staff. The founding mission of the Good Liver Foundation is to realize the virtue of NTU Professor Sung Juei-Low, a physician and pioneer of liver disease research in Taiwan, who cared for patients as if they were his own family. In supporting NTU's whole-person care services plan, the Good Liver Foundation will extend their reach of care to the campus and actively aid NTU colleagues in protecting their health. We hope that with the cooperation and efforts of both parties, we can create a healthy, supportive, and warm campus.

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    NTU President Kuan Chung-ming (管中閔) and Professor Jin-Chuan Sheu (許金川), Chairman of the Good Liver Foundation, sign a memorandum of cooperation for the project.

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    NTU presents a plaque of appreciation to the Good Liver Foundation.

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    Group photo after the presentation ceremony.

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