Date: 2021/7/20

NTU Released Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report to Promote Sustainability Governance

NTU has released its second social responsibility and sustainability report, which highlights the results of NTU’s efforts in working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced by the United Nations through the school’s governance, research, service, and teaching. Since COVID-19 started to ravage the world in 2020, many NTU members have joined the fight against the disease to guard the health of all Taiwanese people. The report also summarizes the measures taken by NTU and the contributions made by NTU members in addressing COVID-19.

NTU’s persistent efforts in social responsibility are proven effective. In the CommonWealth University Citizen Rankings (USR) survey conducted by CommonWealth Magazine, NTU took the top spot in the category of public university for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021. In 2020, NTU also received Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) in the categories of “Outstanding Sustainability University” and “Outstanding University Sustainability Reports”. Furthermore, since President Chung-Ming Kuan (管中閔) took office, he had been actively working with multiple student groups and the Office of Financial Affairs to promote socially responsible investment and to divest the university fund from high-pollution and high-emission industries. The goal was achieved in less than two years, making NTU the first university in Asia to have completed such disinvestment. In June 2020, NTU took the initiative to announce its carbon reduction goal: 50% carbon neutrality by 2028 and 100% carbon neutrality by 2048 as a response to the Paris Agreement. Following the goals set by Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), NTU also laid out its future reduction measures. Based on detailed calculations, NTU is expected to move from carbon neutrality towards net-zero emissions through the development of carbon-negative technologies, increased energy efficiency, the use of carbon-free electricity and low-carbon energy, and electrification.

As NTU strives to be great, it continues to base its action on sustainability and altruism. By publicly revealing its practices and initiatives, NTU aims to stand with society and the environment to create mutual benefit and to meet society’s expectations for NTU.

Note: NTU commissions a third party to verify the stated achievements regarding social contributions and university governance specified in the report every two years.

Download the English report:

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    NTU Released Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report to Promote Sustainability Governance.

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