Date: 2022/1/11

NTU Updated COVID-19 Pandemic Measures Per CDC Announcements on Jan. 9

In compliance with the announcements issued by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on January 9, all NTU faculty members, staff and students are required to wear a face mask at all times while attending an on-campus event or participating in any on-campus activity, including classes, meetings, participating in various indoor/outdoor sports or club activities, and performances, except when having a meal. Other precautionary measures are as follows:

  1. During a departmental luncheon or dinner party, please note that:
    1)     Participants are prohibited from going around the dining area to propose toasts to one another, as per the latest CECC rules.
    2)     To avoid person-to-person contact via the shared utensils/chopsticks provided with each shared dish, please arrange for each diner to have his or her own separate set of serving utensils for retrieving food items. If this is not possible, please instead have the restaurant’s staff distribute the food.
    3)     Any person undergoing home quarantine, home isolation or self-health management, or is otherwise experiencing suspected COVID-19 symptoms, must refrain from attending the party.
  2. University premises must be staffed to take temperatures of personnel and visitors at the entrance. This is complemented by real-name swipe-in entry control developed by the Computer and Information Networking Center. Those without a university ID card may enter the premises by filling out their personal information on a registration sheet.
  3. As the COVID-19 is still raging, please again be reminded to always wear a face mask when you go out, wash your hands frequently, and keep appropriate social distancing. Be on alert for possible COVID-19 symptoms: fever, respiratory problems, diarrhea, or loss of smell or taste. If any one of these symptoms develops, you should wear a medical mask and seek medical attention immediately at a nearby hospital for COVID-19 testing, and you should also refrain from using any public transportation. When in the hospital for treatment, please inform the physician of your contact and travel history, potential occupational exposure to the virus, as well as anyone around you with similar symptoms. When you return home, please continue to wear a medical mask and avoid making any unnecessary trips.

All pandemic measures will be updated as needed and in accordance with the CECC’s latest announcements. The University is asking for your compliance with the preventive measures.

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    NTU Updated COVID-19 Pandemic Measures Per CDC Announcements on Jan. 9

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