Date: 2022/3/9

VISION 2022 NTU Campus Recruitment Fair

After two years of cancellation, the annual NTU Campus Recruitment Fair finally returned on March 5th. This theme of this year's fair was "Guiding Digital Transformation & Creating New Applications for Knowledge." In an era where digital technology is rapidly developing, students are expected to acquire trans-disciplinary abilities and quickly adapt to challenges in their future work.

This year's fair was divided into several sections, including Information Technology, Finance, Corporate Groups, Diversified Industries, the Global Research & Industry Alliance Member Zone, the International Talent Training Zone, and Human Resources. A total of 312 companies participated, with 284 companies representing 442 booths at the Job Fair, 74 companies giving presentations at the Company Info Session, and 6 companies offering visits. Altogether, they will provide an estimated 25,000 jobs.

This year, the Office of International Affairs invited companies to participate in the all-new International Talent Training Zone, providing new channels for international students to find employment. Turnout at the new zone was very successful, and students took home a great deal of job information. The fair also included an interactive Online Job Fair, which will be available until the end of March. Companies can apply for booths to hold recruitment activities and online presentations on the recruitment website, as well as set their own hours to interact with students in real time.

The President of NTU, Dr. Chung-Ming Kuan管中閔, said in his speech that he appreciates the companies sharing their views so that NTU students can have more chances to get a feel for different industries and choose job opportunities that match their interests. In the post-pandemic era, not only has online learning become commonplace and learning modes different, but industry trends and corporate hiring have also placed greater emphasis on rapid adaptability across multiple disciplines. In its FUTURE NTU project, the University is promoting new specializations and bachelor's degree programs so that students can have more opportunities to break existing frameworks and learn in a trans-disciplinary way. NTU is also in the midst of planning the Academy of Industry, hoping to create new modes of collaboration with enterprises and break down the barriers between industry and academia so that NTU students can find their calling and enterprises can find the talent they need.

Delta Electronics Chairman Mr. Yancey Hai海英俊said in his speech that after graduating from National Taiwan University 50 years ago, he switched career tracks from finance to the electronics industry. In addition to being the Chairman of Delta Electronics, he is currently also an independent director of TSMC. He encouraged students entering the working world to remember three things: be a lifelong learner, read extensively, and take care of your health. Besides this, it is important to find a job in which you have genuine, long-term interest.

For more information, visit the 2022 NTU Campus Recruitment Events Website:

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    NTU held the Campus Recruitment Fair on March 5th. In this photo, NTU President Dr. Chung-Ming Kuan (5th from right) and Delta Electronics Chairman Mr. Yancey Hai (5th from left) take part in the kick-off ceremony.

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    Royal Palm Boulevard was packed with visitors during the NTU Campus Recruitment Fair on March 5th. In total, 312 companies participated, occupying 442 booths.

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    NTU held the Campus Recruitment Fair on March 5th, and many NTU students visited booths to inquire about jobs.

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