Target Net-Zero Emissions: NTU Signed an MOU with CPC Corp., Taiwan

Date: 2022/8/3

Image1:NTU Signed an MOU with CPC Corp., Taiwan.

NTU Signed an MOU with CPC Corp., Taiwan.

In response to the government’s energy transition policy and moving toward the 2050 net-zero emission goal, NTU and CPC Corporation (CPC), Taiwan jointly signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on net-zero emissions on July 25.

NTU President Chung Ming Kuan and Chairman of CPC Shun-Chin Lee have reached a consensus to carry out industry-academia cooperation to promote the goals of “Optimizing oil, Reducing carbon, and Cleaning energy,” showing their determination to achieve the “Taiwan’s net zero” goal in the near future.

The MOU addresses the carbon reduction and exchange methods, the creation and acquisition of forest carbon sinks, the development and application of low- and zero-carbon energy, and other collaboration issues related to zero emissions and carbon neutrality.

President Chung-Ming Kuan stated that NTU puts a great emphasis on the issue of net zero emissions. The “Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report” published in 2020 disclosed the University’s goal of “Reaching carbon neutrality by 50% in 2028; Achieving carbon neutrality by 100% in 2048.” In addition to the joint efforts made by the NTU faculty, staff, students, and the relevant institutions on energy conservation and carbon reduction, NTU is very happy to collaborate with CPC this time.

President Kuan hopes CPC will continue to support NTU’s research on new technologies and work hand in hand to achieve the goal of net zero emissions. He stressed that the value of higher education is to apply the fruit of research of the University to society, making a long-term and profound influence on all humanity.

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