Date: 2022/11/15

NTU Celebrates 94th Anniversary with Joy and Festivities

NTU celebrated its 94th anniversary with a ceremony at the NTU Sports Center on November 15 and a series of festivities and events throughout the month. The ceremony was presided over by President Chung-Ming Kuan (管中閔) and attended by NTU’s former presidents, senior administrators, as well as alumni and other honorable guests at home and abroad. The ceremony was followed by a reception, where the guests, alumni, and award winners conversed, socialized, and built connections.

At its 94th anniversary celebration ceremony, NTU granted honorary doctorates to Chun-Ming Huang (黃春明), a prestigious novelist of local Taiwanese novels, and Jonney Shih (施崇棠), Chairman of ASUS. In addition to conferring honorary doctorates on Mr. Huang and Mr. Shih, NTU also presented the Distinguished Alumni Award to 10 alumni: Akamine Mamoru (赤嶺守), Cho Wang (王倬), Chi-Huey Wong (翁啟惠), Der-Tsai Lee (李德財), Rick Tsai (蔡力行), Tung-Yuan Tai (戴東原), Ting-Kuo Han (韓定國), Chuan-Hsin Teng (鄧傳馨), Po-Yuan Wang (王伯元), Janus C. D. Sun (孫正大).

As for the 2022 Social Devotion Special Award presented this year, the Awards went to Ella Yang (楊怡庭), founder of the Love Binti International Organization, Kung-Hsun Kuo (郭孔勳) from the Department of Social Work, and NTU Pinglin Sprout (臺大坪林新芽社) for their outstanding contributions to the society.

During the anniversary celebration season, the campus is thriving with a variety of activities, including international exchange sessions, student activities, art and music performances, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, and alumni reunions. Find more information at

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    President Chung-Ming Kuan giving his opening remarks at the NTU 94th anniversary celebration ceremony.

  • Image 2108_20221115_2

    President Kuan granted an honorary doctorate to Mr. Chun-Ming Huang.

  • Image 2108_20221115_3

    President Kuan granted an honorary doctorate to Mr. Jonney Shih.

  • Image 2108_20221115_4

    The recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award Chi-Huey Wong gave a speech at the ceremony.

  • Image 2108_20221115_5

    Ella Yang, the 2022 Social Devotion Special Awardee, shared her experience of working in Africa at the ceremony.

  • Image 2108_20221115_6

    President Kuan will resign on January 7, 2023. He led the senior administrators to bow at the ceremony to express their gratitude to the NTU community.

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