Date: 2022/11/23

NTU Faculty Awarded National Chair Professorships and Academic Awards

The National Chair Professorship and the Academic Award are two major honors in Taiwan awarded annually by the Ministry of Education to scholars demonstrating prominent achievements in teaching and research. This year, four NTU faculty members have won the 26th National Chair Professorship, and three have been presented with the 66th Academic Award. They are the epitome of academic research in the country. All faculty members and students share a sense of admiration and pride for the recipients’ outstanding academic achievements. Congratulations to them all!

■ Winners of the 26th National Chair Professorship
Mathematics & Natural Sciences: Prof. Pi-Tai Chou (周必泰), Prof. Jung-Kai Chen (陳榮凱)
Agricultural and Biological Sciences: Prof. Zee-Fen Chang (張智芬)
Engineering & Applied Sciences: Prof. Keh-Chyuan Tsai (蔡克銓)

■ Winners of the 66th Academic Award
Social Sciences: Prof. Hung-Jen Wang (王泓仁)
Mathematics & Natural Sciences: Prof. Jenn-Nan Wang (王振男)

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    NTU Faculty Awarded National Chair Professorships and Academic Awards.

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